LivePlan Expert Advisors

Get help on accounting, planning, & forecasting from a certified Expert Advisor.

Tina Pittman
  • Tina Pittman, CPA, MBA
  • Your Accountant, LLC
  • Pennsylvania, United States

“We go above and beyond delivering expert business advise by utilizing LivePlan toolkit to monitor your small business's key performance indicators.”

George Williams
  • George Williams, Accountant, Consultant, MBA
  • George W Services
  • Florida, United States

“Leverage your growth, become intentional, create a plan, manage, adjust and grow! We help you define the track, measure and manage. People + Process + Passion + Performance Metrics = Profits.”

Billie Anne Grigg
  • Billie Anne Grigg, Bookkeeper
  • Pocket Protector Bookkeeping
  • Oklahoma, United States

“LivePlan gives my clients concise, timely summaries of their financial information and how it compares to their milestones allowing them to quickly make decisions that grow their business.”

Chelsea Stanton
  • Chelsea Stanton, Accountant
  • Fine Point Consulting, LLC
  • Wisconsin, United States

“We are using Live Plan to analyze monthly data which helps our clients understand trends; to help them forecast and budget with real time decisions.”

Michael Callahan
  • Michael Callahan, CPA
  • Michael Callahan and Associates, LLC
  • Virginia, United States

“Helping Reveal Your Competitive Advantage”

Karin Amann
  • Karin Amann, MBA
  • Karin Amann Business Services
  • California, United States

“I use LivePlan with clients in all stages of business. I love to help small business take the headache out of strategy, analysis, and financial forecasting.”

Karla Geldmacher
  • Karla Geldmacher, CPA
  • Altitude Financial Services LLC
  • Maryland, United States

“We will meet with clients quarterly to review their metrics and set goals for growth and improvement.”

Donna Bordeaux
  • Donna Bordeaux, CPA
  • Bordeaux & Bordeaux CPAs PA
  • South Carolina, United States

“Startups tend to have a lot of questions. We'll provide you with the answers in plain English so you won't have to wonder if your business will be able to survive the ramp up to profitability.”

Loretta Witt Simmons
  • Loretta Witt Simmons, CPA, Accountant, Bookkeeper
  • Witt's End Accounting Solutions LLC
  • Michigan, United States

“Since many small businesses don’t have a business plan, I work with clients to formulate realistic projections, to compare actual results against the plan, and take corrective action if necessary.”

Keith Bogard
  • Keith Bogard, PBA, Accountant
  • Azendit Accounting Inc.
  • Canada

“Azendit takes an educational approach to inform and empower clients on the importance of having a solid business plan and the tools necessary to track business performance to ensure success and growth”

Catherine Wolfe
  • Catherine Wolfe, Bookkeeper
  • Small Business Bookkeeping Solutions Inc
  • Florida, United States

“LivePlan helps the small business owner create a roadmap for where they want their business to go.”

Danetha Doe
  • Danetha Doe, Accountant
  • Money and Mimosas
  • California, United States

“Money and Mimosas helps small business owners create a plan to break through six figures.”