LivePlan Expert Advisors

Get help on accounting, planning, & forecasting from a certified Expert Advisor.

Sandy Morgan
  • Sandy Morgan, Bookkeeper, Consultant
  • Almost Anything LLC
  • Minnesota, United States

“Smart business decisions start with accurate and up-to-date financial information - LivePlan makes using that data easy, strategic and efficient.”

Jan Haugo
  • Jan Haugo, Accountant
  • Arizona, United States

“JH & Accounting collaborate approach provides a small business with goals, budgets, bench-marking and analysis for a complete visual into a company's heart for optimal growth.”

Carmen Brown
  • Carmen Brown, Bookkeeper
  • Simple Organized Solutions, Inc.
  • Colorado, United States

“We use LivePlan to organize data, effectively ensuring you learn and embrace how to efficiently run your business, work smarter and skip bumps and roadblocks a young business usually faces.”

Billie Anne Grigg
  • Billie Anne Grigg, Bookkeeper
  • Pocket Protector Bookkeeping
  • Oklahoma, United States

“LivePlan gives my clients concise, timely summaries of their financial information and how it compares to their milestones allowing them to quickly make decisions that grow their business.”

Danetha Doe
  • Danetha Doe, Accountant
  • Money and Mimosas
  • California, United States

“Money and Mimosas helps small business owners create a plan to break through six figures.”

Joy Huffman
  • Joy Huffman, Accountant, Bookkeeper
  • ebs Associates, Inc.
  • Oregon, United States

“ebs uses LivePlan to make business planning simple. Our clients will have a plan for their business to live by and will have the knowledge of their numbers to strategize for the future.”

Cami Powell
  • Cami Powell, Accountant, Bookkeeper, MBA
  • Powell Business Solutions, LLC
  • Washington, United States

“Our company uses LivePlan as a planning tool to assist clients financially and strategically. Powell Business Solutions strengthens small businesses for financial prosperity.”

Jillann Johnson
  • Jillann Johnson, Accountant, Bookkeeper
  • ebs Associates Inc.
  • Oregon, United States

“LivePlan helps translate all those accounting terms to ‘Wow – I understand!’”

Cyndi Thomason
  • Cyndi Thomason, Accountant, Bookkeeper
  • bookskeep
  • Arkansas, United States

“We use LivePlan to help small business owners understand past financial trends and map out future directions in order to focus their energy and optimize their resources.”

Karin Amann
  • Karin Amann, MBA
  • Karin Amann Business Services
  • California, United States

“I use LivePlan with clients in all stages of business. I love to help small business take the headache out of strategy, analysis, and financial forecasting.”

Michael Callahan
  • Michael Callahan, CPA
  • Michael Callahan and Associates, LLC
  • Virginia, United States

“Helping Reveal Your Competitive Advantage”

Robert Salinas
  • Robert Salinas, Accountant, Bookkeeper
  • Reality Check Business Solutions, LLC
  • Florida, United States

“We will make your business dream a reality.”