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This Week in Small Business: From Negotiation to Funding

This week on Bplans, we asked other entrepreneurs how to find a business partner, laid out the process for effective business negotiations, broke down the different funding options for new businesses, and discussed how the business plan can be used as a management tool. Do you have a topic you’d like us to cover on… Read more »

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This Week on Bplans: From Forecasting Sales to Intellectual Property

This week on Bplans, we covered several important aspects of business planning, how to protect your ideas, and the concept of the E-Myth (spoiler alert: as the founder, you don’t need to do everything). In addition, we’ve covered many more topics that will help you start, grow, and run your business. Check out this week’s articles, and let… Read more »

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The 5 Best Credit Card Processing Companies for Startups

As an entrepreneur, you’ve got 100 things to check off your list before you can open for business. Among the most important, but often overlooked, is providing a means through which your customers can pay you. Given that over 75% of transactions involve either a debit, credit, prepaid, or gift card, that means finding a… Read more »

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Set Tactics to Execute Strategy

It happens all the time. You take your team away from the routine for a few hours, brainstorm, and develop a brilliant new strategy. And when you all get back into the routine, the routine wins and strategy loses. Nothing changes. The strategy was brilliant on the whiteboard, but never got to the real world…. Read more »