Want to know how your business is doing at a glance?

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The LivePlan Scoreboard is a great way for small businesses to: Gain quick and accurate insights into sales, expenses, and cash flow Easily develop your budget and forecast sales Sync with your QuickBooks for real-time financial tracking Access your important numbers anytime from anywhere And ultimately, sleep better at night! Watch our short video on… Read more »

Announcing the LivePlan Scoreboard iPad Mini Contest

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liveplan ipad

Connect your QuickBooks account to your LivePlan Scoreboard by May 13th and get entered into a contest to win an iPad mini. When was the last time you asked yourself this question: “How’s my business doing?” If you need an answer right now, have no fear, the LivePlan Scoreboard is here! The Scoreboard helps you track your… Read more »

Switching your LivePlan to Full Financials

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If you’re using LivePlan to write and track your business plan you’ll want to make sure you expand your financials to include the following. These financial documents are required if you are seeking a bank loan or outside investment capital. They are also required if you’re submitting your completed LivePlan  into the “LivePlan $10,000 Boost”… Read more »