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Connect your QuickBooks account to LivePlan for chance to win iPad Mini

Connect your QuickBooks account to your LivePlan Scoreboard by May 13th and get entered into a contest to win an iPad mini. When was the last time you asked yourself this question: “How’s my business doing?” If you need an answer right now, have no fear, the LivePlan Scoreboard is here! The Scoreboard helps you track your financials, adjust for… Read more »

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Use Your Plan to Better Manage your Business

  The problem with “old-school” business plans The knock against the classic business plan document is that it has a short shelf life. You do all this work to produce a “finished” plan, but then things in the real world go differently than you expected, and important parts of your plan become outdated and unhelpful…. Read more »

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How to Keep Your Business Plan Alive

Keeping your business plan alive is critical to the success of your business. Using your business plan as a management tool will guide your decision making and ensure that you stay focused on your goals and objectives. A living plan keeps you and your  team on the same page, helps you track your progress, and… Read more »