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Impress lenders with a professional business plan

LivePlan gives you all the tools you need to create an accurate, complete, great-looking business plan.

Top-notch printed documents

You need to put your best foot forward when you present your plan, so LivePlan produces professional, printed plans that will impress any audience. Simply download your plan as a PDF to print or share, or export it to your favorite word processing program to give it some final polish. Your business plan will look like it was created by a professional business plan writer.

The format lenders expect

Banks, investors, and SBA-approved lenders look at a lot of business plans. If yours doesn't fit the standard format, you might get stuck at the bottom of the pile. After 15+ years in the business planning business, we know what lenders are looking for in a business plan. When you use LivePlan, your plan will meet those standards.

The format lenders expect

Choose from 10 document themes

When your business plan gets dressed up for the big event, it deserves to have options. That's why, we've created document themes.

The way we do the math, 10 professional designs for your business plan gives you 10x the number of opportunities to make the right impression. Try them all and choose the one that will help your plan stand out to lenders, investors, and in business plan competitions.

Note: themes are currently limited to printing using PDF export

Choose from 10 document themes

Easy export to Microsoft Word

With one click, you can export your plan to Microsoft® Word. Add a flashy cover page or images of your products. Make all the text green and pink if you want to (we don't recommend it, but you can do it). It's easy to make your plan look exactly how you want it to look.

Personalize your plan for your business

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes, and so do business plans. That's why LivePlan makes it easy for you to add, subtract, rename, and rearrange the components of your plan to suit your particular situation. Far from a cookie-cutter business plan, you'll create a truly unique plan that's just right for your business.

Personalize your plan for your business

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