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I finished my business plan! Thanks to the service, I got my $200,000 investment and started my company. I am now a company owner and not an employee. Great feeling! – Phil A.
LivePlan is incredibly simple and easy to use. The financial sales forecasting tool is very intuitive and makes writing a business plan more fun. I would highly recommend this product to anybody starting a business or revising their business plan. – Helga D. Svala
$20 investment on my part to get a good business plan that I can continue to go back to and tweak? That's awesome. For 20 dollars I ended up getting a quarter of a million dollars. That's worth it! – Todd C. Tablegate
The encouragements I have received through the LivePlan newsletter and website have been very useful for the development of my business plan for my concierge business in Lagos, Nigeria. LivePlan is indeed a great guide to writing a good business plan." – Oyegunle K. Quest Executive Errands and Delivery
LivePlan is a fantastic tool and I love using it. I have written business plans in Word and there is no comparison. It really simplifies the planning process and allows one to focus on content instead of formatting. It puts the focus on planning the business instead of planning the plan. – Joshua C.
I needed to write a business plan for my investors. I was going nuts trying to create charts and properly format them. Then a friend recommended LivePlan! The financials were so easy to use and I liked knowing the calculations were all correct. It helped me create a precise plan to confidently share with investors, and I've raised $3M so far! – Rachid T. Olive Oil USA, LLC
I had never written a business plan before and LivePlan made it real easy. The instructions and the examples helped me get into the right mindset. We now have a professional plan to share with the bank. I also like that LivePlan is more than a business plan tool. Being able to connect our QuickBooks account to LivePlan is helping us track how the business is doing. This is going to save us a lot of time and help us grow the business faster. – Karen L. Wash World of Wilkes
I researched business plan templates online to help me write my business plan, and they were not unique enough for my business idea. I was so pleased when I discovered LivePlan. It's helped me think through my business strategy, and take a sophisticated approach to writing the core components of my business plan - especially my financials. I appreciate the structure, flexibility and built-in financial calculations that LivePlan provided. – Shaun S. TransNet Universal
This is truly a great site. It has assisted me in structuring and organising my thoughts in a logical way. Although we don't need to approach investors, the process helped us focus on our weaknesses and as a result, changed our business model from product-based to service-based. – Matt D.
I was really stuck on a business model I had created for a renewable energy company. I decided to take a chance on LivePlan and was not dissappointed. I raised $1.3 million for my client in private capital as a result. On my second plan I was able to secure capital improvements for a client from their landlord in the amount of $250k. While the capital is important, it will be the implementation of the plan(s) that yields the most benefit for the client. – Gary F. Matrix Group 360
Signed up today with LivePlan and this was the best decision I have made for my business in a long time! It's such an easy intuitive tool to use and I am so pleased that as a Mac user I now have access to a business planning tool like this. – Tracy W.
LivePlan is awesome. I love what you guys are doing. You actually helped my startup win a national business plan competition! I've created a business plan by scratch on my own before and I was able to GREATLY reduce the time it took me to complete it using LivePlan. – Sulaiman S. WeDidit, Inc
I bought LivePlan last night from my Mac, and am using it here today on my work machine — a Dell PC. All is good! – Jim G. Texas Medical Airlift
LivePlan was so easy to use, my students were navigating and formulating by the time I had reached the front of the classroom! – Armen H. Milwaukee Area Technical College
As a not-for-profit company, we have an advantage. People pay us on a sliding scale based on their ability to pay. It's dynamic and hard to forecast. LivePlan allows us to create a worst case and best case scenario for each month, which is vital for our business. – Tim V. Extraordinair
Prior to using LivePlan, I provided students with a Word document template for their business plan. Even though I encouraged students to use a collaboration tool such as Google Groups, many did not. They were emailing the plan back and forth between each other and it was difficult to keep track of versions and changes. LivePlan really facilitated communication between students who were in a team on the business plan project. Students could comment on sections of their business plan and collaborate on what to change in their plan without having to meet face-to-face. – Amy V. Cayuga Community College
LivePlan helped us write our business plan in just a few days. It was super easy to use, and it guided us through each component of the plan so we could be sure we didn't miss anything. It's been a great tool to refer to as we implement the plan and gauge our progress, and make adjustments as we go. – Caroline C. RealLead
As a Virtual CFO, LivePlan is instrumental in making the financial stuff simple and less intimidating for my small business and solopreneur clients. The easy to navigate dashboards, budgeting/forecasting, and projections features enables me to quickly provide and present financial data in a way that makes sense to them. Additionally, this empowers and positions my clients to better utilize the financials for making informed business decisions for improving cash flow and catapulting business growth. – Antonina G. Simplistic Financials, LLC
LivePlan is great! I actually just recommended it to a friend who’s starting a new business. – Jacen G. Social Innovation Incubator
I absolutely love this online service. As a consultant it is extremely helpful to me in guiding and assisting my clients. – Billie B. Benchmark Consulting Services
LivePlan was user friendly, supportive and provided meaningful guidance all while remaining very flexible. With LivePlan, I was able to build a logical and cohesive business plan that accurately reflected the unique nature of my business. Thank you very much! – Freja N. Freja Foods
LivePlan is easy to use, saves time and provides a customized outline that allows me to easily navigate from one section to the next. The embedded sample plans are an invaluable resource that give me a platform to expand upon, based on the needs of my clients. – Trent C. Marketing Consultant
You guys rock. My accountant was amazed that I was able to put such a plan together. He noted other clients with bigger bank accounts that had a much less appealing and straight forward plans. Thanks guys. – Robert A. Ramp Care
The creation of a business plan can be an intimidating task and LivePlan breaks it down into manageable chunks and provides helpful examples and advice throughout. – Lisa W. Wachiay Friendship Centre
Most people are intimidated by the financials, but LivePlan made planning simple, saved me so much time and just knowing that the calculations are correct makes this tool worth every penny! – Brandie S. Noelle Notals, LLC
Your Live Plan is such a user friendly and amazing tool! It took all the intimidation out of drawing up a business plan, especially in the whole Financial Section. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone and everyone opening up a serious business because this is a serious product! – Ciara C. ERA by Ciara
LivePlan was so great that I don't have one recommendation for improvement! I really liked how it forced me to think through key parts of my business, like my competition, market research, and calculating my margins. We've only been in business for 6 months, and we've already exceeded our sales projections by about 100%. I attribute a lot of it to the way the business plan was organized. It helped shape the marketing message, and the consistency in which it has been delivered. – Bob K. Now Hear This
Thanks to your service I am now in business! I could not have done it without you. I will always recommend you... – Charles S. Guardian-1
LivePlan set me off on the right trajectory at the earliest, most critical stages of conceptualizing and launching my business. It helped me think through my business holistically - prompting me to develop plans for vital areas I might have otherwise shied away from. The experience of using LivePlan was actually inspirational, as it kept me laser-focused on my company's potential. I had so much fun creating the future, it was hard to walk away from my plan! With my initial plan complete, I now have a "compass" to constantly refer back to to keep me on track for growth and remind me of great ideas I intend to pursue. LivePlan also helps me monitor what I've accomplished - and that's always motivating. – Heidi L. The Moksha Group
A much simpler way to write a business plan. Sharing your plan is the icing on the cake. You can share with or without editing privileges... nice! – Barry R. SCORE Richmond
LivePlan helped focus me. I was able to document my goals and milestones, and it helped me realize how many clients I need in order to hit my revenue goals. I don't really enjoy writing, so the sample plans included in LivePlan nudged me along and really helped me write a solid plan. – N'Teasha W. Be Relaxed Destinations
LivePlan is an excellent way to create a business plan, and once created, to monitor and regularly update it. – Dave M. Business Computing World
Just wanted to say a big thanks for this SaaS app! I was seriously dreading doing up a new business plan until I found LivePlan. For over a week I was procrastinating because of the thought "oh no, ill have to download some software or even have to switch to my PC to do this?" If I could dream up a business plan creation system, this would be it! This is exactly how I want to create a business plan. Thanks a million. – Kyle B. Ultrasound Dimensions
Excellent and easy to use!! I completed my business plan in about a week. The bank was impressed by the business plan and I secured my loan. Thank you so much! – Benjamin M. Rockingham Foot & Ankle Associates
Used this for a school related busines plan- great program, do not know what I would've done without it- seriously! – Katie D. student
Thank you. The banks were impressed and we got an SBA loan!! – Brianne M. Ascend Wellness Chiropractic & Acupuncture Center
This was an extremely user-friendly way to create a professional looking buisiness plan, ready for distribution and ready to gain access to your dreams! – Lacreshia L. The Living Well
Awesome software, very user friendly! Thank you! – Jessica J. Nourish Chicago Inc.
Liveplan was an excellent tool for allowing me to create a professional quality business plan in a timely manner. I enjoyed the service term and would recommend this software to any colleague of mine that needed to write up a business plan! – Michael C. Northeastern E-cigs
LivePlan is so awesome! Being a web developer, the first thing I look at is the user interface (UI), and LivePlan was definitely easy and fun to use! – Joseph H. Simply Groceries
I thought your website was very easy to use and EXTREMELY useful. I have my buisness up and running now and would recommend your site to anyone needing a business plan. – Ernest T. Boarh & Tosh
Everything worked great, and we got our loan! I highly recommend LivePlan – James M. Roots Coffeehouse
Loved this. Seriously. It made it so easy, and I was approved to the funding I needed from my credit union to start my business. I believe the business plan I created using LivePlan was a key element in my approval for funding. You guys rock! – Heather N. V.I.P. Nail Studio
Everyone was extremely impressed with my plan - thank you so much! – Rudy G. Gaba Law Corporation
I have already told several people about this site including the bank that I got a loan from. The bank said I had the best business plan he has ever seen. Thank you!!! – Amy K. Gotta-Scrap Inn of Michigan
My business plan was for a college class I took on Entrepreneurship. It was a great plan and I earned an "A" for it. Thanks for the help! – Anna C. Cheramy Car Care
Very nice business plan template to work with. LivePlan made it easy. – Derwin S. JM&B Tea Room
I needed to use the template for a university class and found it extremely helpful. I will definitely use this in the future and recommended it to my professor as well as other students. Thank you. – Aminah K. Kid's Castle LLC
Wonderful product...will certainly share how valuable this is to my networks. – Ben L. Napa Valley Joint Care
Your system is the best I've ever seen. – Ennis H. SEBEC, Inc.
I have found your program to be absolutely pristine, and most importantly, user friendly!! I still have a lot of writing to do to get my business plan complete, but I now have a perfect platform to do it on. Thank you for such a great product! – Camille H. Bay City Fit Boot Camp & PT Studio
I actually used this site for help with a project for one of my college courses. Honestly, it was great! I finished a business plan in 4 hours after I had tried to do it on my own for 4 days! Thanks for a great service! It was well worth the money! – Cristi S. SnappTography
Just started with the software... I love it!!!! Very user friendly, structured, and easy. I am thrilled about it. Thank you! – Iris K. Bee Happy Farm
Great design guys. Love it! – Ryan H. Selle Anatomica
Put it together for a President's Council I belong to and then shared with my boss. Well worth it! – Michael D. Darco Southern Inc.
The format of LivePlan is very accessible for students to jump into their business planning. After years of teaching entrpreneurship, the Financial Plan is always the most challenging to teach, but LivePlan demystifies financials. Now students can really focus on their own concepts and are that much closer to launching. – Amy S. Business & Entrepreneurship Center at Feather River College
Having a basic outline on what to provide in a business plan was essential to me. I enjoyed the step by step process that LivePlan directs you through. – Geoffrey A. PhatCat LLC
This website was the right ticket to successfully present a professional business plan!! Thanks! I will forever pass this on to others wanting to build a business plan! – Dawson B. Palmetto Access, LLC
Amazing and easy! And very helpful!! – Sherif A. Universal Exports
Thanks for the help with a very user friendly and professional software.. will recommend!! – Meaghan B. Master Mind Events (MME) Orleans
Amazing program, will continue using in the future and refer friends and colleagues. – Matt T. Matt Thompson Productions
Your site was VERY helpful in creating my business plan. The bank was impressed and I felt it looked much more professional than I could have done on my own. The way it is set up and the examples made it much less daunting and really made me think about details of my proposed business. Thank you very much! This may be the best $ I've ever spent. – Allison M. Polished Salon
This product was great! Our frozen Yogurt Shop Swirl Bliss opens May 2013. Thank you LivePlan. – Charles D. Swirl Bliss
I really enjoyed working with this program as it gave me an outline to follow. I like how things flowed very well and I really liked the final product. – Christine L. Dears' Den
LivePlan worked very well for us. It helped us coordinate the creation of a plan remotely between the two co-founders, who are based in Oxford, England and New York. – Joe N. DeviceGround
I just completed my business plan using LivePlan for a proposal submission. LivePlan produced a stellar business plan: nicely formatted, and very readable. I have been pouring over how-to books for months and was still confused. Thank you LivePlan for holding this dummy's hand through the process and letting me use a great product. – Michael M. SAGE Energy Solutions
This was an amazing tool for me. I had no idea where to start and LivePlan got me through all the rough times. Thanks! – Jennifer O. TravlGirl
Very useful product. I'm a first time business plan writer and it really helped me feel confident about having the right information in my plan. – Mike F. Mend Provisions
You have a very nice website. I worked on this plan with a client and we were both able to login and add info. It worked very well for us. I will use it in the future for other clients. Thanks. – Lonnie J. J&C Butcher Block, Inc.
Great software, keep adding new features. Could not of made a good business plan without this software. Most likely will be back. – Blake R. Vindeka
Although I graduated with a Business major, and I took 2 business plan writing workshops/courses, I found Liveplan a very helpful tool. Thank you for helping me create a stepping stone for my dream. I have told all my friends about you and will continue to do so in the future. And who knows? Maybe see you next time for another dream! Kind regards, Alya Mourad – Alya M. Dare
Thank you very much for your superb software and guidance, we are making our dreams come true! – Eric L. Tranquil Vibe Day Spa
Very good looking and professional plan. Had a little difficulty with the numbers and some of the financials. However, this was my first time and I got the hang of it after a while. Great job putting a site like this on the net. Thank You. – Jared C. Curry Life Consulting, LLC
Very good program. The stews of creating a BP were severely diminished. Thanks!!! – Braden G. Bogados Bistro
Excellent tool to fast track a business plan. – Brent M. Hedgemony
I truly think Liveplan is the best. I am really impressed with your level of customer service and, quite frankly, will refer you to all my friends and will come back myself in a few months. You guys rock and please keep this level of customer service. Not only did you get back to me in a timely fashion, but also made sure I was completely satisfied. On behalf of my family, I wanted to express my satisfaction with your service and will definitely do business with you again. Thank you and keep up the good customer service. – Justin T. Toge Fashion Inc.
Thanks! Saved me a lot of time, is very good business software and is convenient. – Lindsey L. LinBett and Sons Enterprises - Lone Star Table Tennis
I wouldn't have been able to complete my plan without this. – Kenneth H. Robin Socks
I loved working with LivePlan. I felt that it was a very easy-to-use program and it was designed beautifully (easy on the eyes). Thank you for making this software. – Eric V. Harmony Chiropractic
LivePlan helped me find investors and start a new manufacturing company with funding. – Pete J. Rebel Arms Manufacturing
I love your service. It was very easy to use and made my business plan look extremely professional. – James H. Dank Greens
I just have to say that LivePlan is terrific. I talk about and LivePlan in my work as a SCORE counselor all the time. I haven’t found anything better, frankly. – Don W. SCORE counselor
Very Useful tool! Helps to organize everything in the right order and looks very profesional! – Taisiya K. City of Dolls
This was a great program that helped me develop my business plan and organize how I presented my business to others. Thank You! – Jania D. Rose Petals Cafe
I really like this program. It is put together very well and was very helpful in helping me think through the many stages of business planning. – Kevin M. Select Distribution
LivePlan made the daunting task of writing a business plan much easier, since the plan was broken down into separate, more manageable parts. It was great to have the parts of the plan laid out, and a multitude of resources, such as examples and tips, at our fingertips. – Michelle S. Chariot Mobility
LivePlan was instrumental in securing funding for opening my first business: Tree House Yoga. It was easy and took the fear and stress out of writing a business plan. The professional look and customization options were amazing. I am so grateful for this service. It was worth every cent. Thank you!! – Dusty Ranft Tree House Yoga

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