LivePlanChat: How to Pitch Your Business and Get Funded

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Caroline Cummings, VP of Sales and Business Development

Welcome to today’s #LivePlanChat! To participate in the discussion, sign in to the chat box below. You can sign in as a guest, or with your Twitter or Facebook username. Additionally, the top chat contributor will win a $10 lunch gift-card on us.

This week’s #LivePlanChat will focus on “How to Pitch Your Business and Get Funded.” LivePlan’s VP of Sales and Business Development, Caroline Cummings.

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  • Katherine

    Katherine from Santa Fe

  • Katherine

    I’m working thru a non profit. Setting up an agricultural cooperative. Pitch is to producer members

    • Hi Katherine—feel free to join us up in the Chatroll app. You can sign in as a guest, and that way we’ll see all your questions and comments!

  • Kathie

    Kathie from Newport Beach. Am setting up a Photography business. Pitch will be to prospective investors.