Free eBook: Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

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Tim Berry

Many LivePlan customers are writing a business plan because they need to raise investment capital. Are you one of those entrepreneurs? If so – we’ve got a free eBook for you that was written by the founder of our company, Tim Berry.


Tim shares the five steps to delivering a powerful elevator pitch to get anyone’s attention – especially investors!  He breaks it out into 5 easy steps:

  1. Personalize your pitch
  2. Sell yourself
  3. Sell you offering
  4. Finish strong
  5. Nail your delivery
Free eBook: Perfect Your Pitch

It’s free to download this eBook, and it’s a must have for any business owner seeking investment capital.

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Caroline CummingsCaroline Cummings
Caroline Cummings
Caroline is a two-time technology entrepreneur. She's co-founded, and held the CEO position, for two internet companies. She's raised close to $1M in investment capital and has coached several other startups on their investor pitches. After her most recent exit, Caroline joined Palo Alto Software to lead their business development for the cloud-based business planning and management tool LivePlan.
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