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Getting The Most From A Tweet Chat: Tips & Tricks

Tweet Chats can be a powerful way to network, connect with like-minded folks, and provide insight and information that you just can’t get elsewhere. With a simple predefined # (hashtag), you are instantly connected to the other Twitter users participating in real-time. We use Tweet Chats in a couple of ways at Palo Alto Software. One […]

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#AskTimBerry: Business Plan Qs and As in 140 characters or less

Need some quick business planning advice? Look no further than Twitter. Our own business planning expert, Tim Berry, is answering questions posed via Twitter using the hashtag #AskTimBerry (or #LivePlanBoost). #businessplan if you tweet me a business plan question with #liveplanboost or #asktimberry I’ll try to answer. — Tim Berry (@Timberry) July 26, 2012 The […]