This Week in Small Business: From Brand Ambassadors to Registering Your Business Name

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Make your customers fall in love with your business, and they’ll be your ambassadors—in other words, free marketing.

Whether you’re an established small business owner, or a new entrepreneur starting your first business, there’s always plenty to keep track of.

Do you know know when it’s time to hire your first manager? How about running a break-even analysis? Whether it’s the technical aspects of running a business like industry analysis, or determining if you’re a good candidate for mentorship, we’ve got you covered on Bplans.

Check out this week’s articles, and let us know if you have a small business question you’d like to see answered.

1. Market Your Business for Free: Find Your Brand Ambassadors

New businesses have the challenge of getting their name out there without breaking the bank, and brand ambassadors are a great way to do that. Brand ambassadors are loyal customers who will help spread the word about your business, at no cost to you, which serves as free marketing. How do you develop brand ambassadors? You make them fall in love with your business or product, creating brand loyalty.

2. Know Your Industry Before You Start Your Business

Palo Alto Software founder Tim Berry discusses the ins and outs of learning your industry, which is essential before going into business. Do you know your industry well enough? Here’s what you should know.

3. 12 Signs You Need to Hire a Manager

When is the right time to hire a manager? As a business owner, you may be used to doing it all, but as your business grows you’ll need to take on extra help. We asked the entrepreneurs of the Young Entrepreneur Council how they knew the time was right to hire a manager.

4. The Complete Guide to Registering Your Business Name

There are several different ways you can go about registering your business name, so how do you know which one is right for you? We’ll walk you through the various options—registering your business structure, a DBA, a trademark, or a combination of multiple methods—so that you can determine which path best suits your business.

5. Are You Mentee Material?

If you’re seeking a mentor, make sure you determine whether or not you’re a good fit for mentorship. We spoke with Caroline Cummings, Palo Alto Software’s Vice President of Business Development, who has experience both as a mentor and a mentee. Check out Caroline’s advice and find out if you’re mentee material.

6. What Is a Break-Even Analysis?

A break-even analysis is one of the most important analyses you’ll complete for your business. Tim Berry discusses what a break-even analysis is, how to understand it, and how to complete one for your own business.

Which article did you find the most helpful? What would you like to see more of? We’d love your feedback. 

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