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LivePlan is the preferred choice for entrepreneurs who like to work online, collaborate with business partners, and want to track the growth of their business.


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Business Plan Pro is for entrepreneurs who need detailed business plans and are happy to work offline.


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Business Plan Pro Premier is our most powerful business planning solution. It contains everything you get in the standard edition plus a number of advanced features.

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Does the software work online? (PC Install) (PC Install) (web-based application)
Will it work on a Mac?
Is it easy to collaborate?
Can more than 1 person work on a plan at one time?
Can I write unlimited plans?
Will my business plan impress investors and business partners?
Does it contain free sample business plans?
Will my businesss plan be in the format lenders require?
Will the software help
save me time?
Is it easy to customize
my business plan?
Are there extensive resources to help me finish my plan?
Are there video tutorials included?
Is there free support?
Can I export my business plan?
Can I import data from Excel?
Can I export to Power Point?
Can I write a plan for a business in any country?
Can I use my native currency?
Does the software include comprehensive financials?
Can I manage my business
moving forward?
Is there a dashboard or scoreboard so I can quickly see how I am doing?
Can I perform "what-if" scenarios on my cash flow?
Is there an investment
offering template?