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LivePlan Expert Advisors

The following list includes the renewal due date for maintaining your Expert Advisor status. If you do not see your name on this list, you have either (1) not completed your initial certification requirements or (2) you did not complete the steps to maintain your certification prior to your renewal/expiration date.

The renewal due date is when the Expert Advisor must have completed the yearly renewal requirements. We will look back 12 months from the renewal due date for LivePlan best practice webinar attendance and whether you are actively advising at least 3 clients.

Click here to see the certification renewal requirements.

If you have questions, you may email us at

 *updated 10/18/2021
NOTE: It may take up to 2 weeks for renewals to be updated

Last Name First Name Company/Organization Renewal Due Date
Abella Jesica Abella Tax Services, Inc 10/10/2022
Allen Ronald Exigo Business Solution 12/31/2021
Amsel Moshe DreamBuilder Financial, LLC 07/08/2022
Aurigemma Ken Strategic Business Alliance, LLC 03/17/2022
Babcock-Hyde Julie Spark Accounting Solutions PLLC 02/19/2022
Badri Elsir Audiix Accounting & Bookkeeping 08/20/2022
Ball Don Venture Quest Global 03/07/2022
Banks Brooksher Banks & Associates 11/08/2021
Beniamous Dean Ferguson & Peters 10/20/2021
Brody Debora Just For You Consulting Services, Inc. 02/03/2022
Burge Patrick Smorgasbord 02/19/2022
Cameron Victoria Cloud Consultancy 12/31/2021
Chandler Tina Fair and Square Bookkeeping, LLC 01/01/2022
Chapman Alan Channel Islands Business Coaching Ltd 07/29/2022
Coffman Kathy Coffman Bizsolutions Inc. 12/31/2021
Coggins Chris OutSourced CFO Solutions 10/16/2022
Collins Tracy Collins Bookkeeping Services 12/01/2021
Cooper Ben Amplify COO 03/01/2022
Defeo Judith JADDE Financial Solutions 10/16/2021
Denniston Eric Denner Group International 03/10/2022
Dorsey Keith Yesrod Development Group LLC 04/23/2022
Eddy Rich Factor Four LLC 10/10/2022
Edwards Phil Vanilla Accounting 03/01/2022
Fairfax Zoe TThe StraDGy Group, LLC 02/08/2022
Fredrick Jason Balancing The Books Bookkeeping Services LLC 07/13/2022
Gendron Fabien Duncan & Company 10/19/2021
Gilbo Arnold Erudio Business Solutions 10/16/2021
Grimes Shane Just Transition Initiative 12/01/2021
Griner James Waterford Business Solutions 09/28/2022
Grove Denise CFO Support, Inc. 12/31/2021
Harmon David SoCo Tax & Cloud Accounting Inc 12/31/2021
Heyward James Heyward CPA PLLC 07/16/2022
Highley Sydney Daily Balance Inc 10/16/2022
Iyengar Suresh Business Unit Execution LLC 07/20/2022
Jackson-Atkins Enae Enae Jackson-Atkins Consulting Inc 10/05/2021
Jain Manisha Manisha A Jain CPA LLC 10/16/2021
James Shay Shay James CPA 10/30/2021
Jeannot Natacha Jeannot & Associates Inc 01/01/2022
Julian Eduardo Small Business for Entrepreneurs LLC / DBA: SB4E. 10/20/2021
Keomany Brenda Status Accounting, LLC 10/16/2021
Koloch John GeneralCents Accounting LLC 07/17/2022
Lacey Billy Ipsum Advisors 07/03/2022
Lance Sean Justance, Inc. 07/01/2022
Leon Chris Padgett Business Services 07/19/2022
Leonard Jeff Outsourced CFO Solutions 10/16/2021
Lewis Michael MD Lewis LLC 09/04/2022
Lindquist Mick Bookkeeper Buddy 11/30/2021
Lohman Craig Lohman Company, PLLC 01/16/2022
Maeckelberghe Philippe SofiDelphi 03/18/2022
Magyar Deborah Launch and Balance Consulting LLC 12/27/2021
Martin Tyler Tyler Martin Business Coaching 06/21/2022
Mariee Portia The CFO Architect 07/26/2022
Maskol Eric Pine Ledger LLC 07/25/2022
McClelland Charles ASGF Ltd 04/05/2022
Means Sharon Redmond Accounting 02/21/2022
Meredith Jason Mid-South CFO, LLC 12/10/2021
Michaels Irv Michaels Consulting, Ltd. 09/17/2022
Morris Ali AEM Enterprises LLC 01/25/2022
Neal Brett Brett L. Neal, CPA 10/23/2021
Nelson Stevens Kenya KNS Solutions 10/16/2021
Nsiah Joseph Parizma Group 05/01/2022
Oduor Lenah gHawk Accounting 08/27/2022
Olasunkanmi Niyi Nikuncept Consulting 12/08/2021
Onyschuk Michael MJO Bookkeeper LLC 07/24/2022
Palermo Carolyn CAO Consults PLLC 07/30/2022
Pethi Surya Padgett Business Services Inc 07/13/2022
Porras Juan Startup Consulting 06/27/2022
Raia Mario Combined IQ Inc 12/31/2021
Raiche Lisa Bodhi Business Advisors 7/30/2022
Ray Matt Padgett Business Services Inc 08/17/2022
Redmond Laura Redmond Accounting Inc 02/17/2022
Rhyne Mary Mary S Rhyne, CPA 07/19/2022
Scarano Scott Padgett Business Services Inc 01/27/2022
Sheridan Greg Sheridans Accountants & Financial Planners 08/04/2022
Sinclair Neil Libabun Business Angels Limited 08/29/2022
Smith Jemel Bottom Line Tax Services LLC 11/04/2021
Soto Arlene Oasis Consulting LLC 09/24/2022
Soucy Scott Kaufman Rossin 02/21/2022
Standley Joshua DKK Accounting Inc 10/07/2022
Stricker Mark WIPFLi 02/03/2022
Thompson Heather Everything Counts LLC 10/05/2022
Terveer Tim Vitus CPA 01/01/2022
Vigil Maria VProVantage, LLC 08/29/2022
Walsh Brendan Quantum Leap Capital 12/30/2021
Whaley John EEHOUR, LLC 09/30/2022
Williamson Ted SRT Accounting Inc 10/05/2022
Wilsnagh William Skye Business Solutions 11/21/2021
Yinat Jorge Ph.D. J|W|Y Business Enterprises 05/08/2022
Kathy Gregory
Kathy Gregory
Kathy Gregory has over 20 years of experience in business development, including: financial forecasting, strategic planning, process development, project management, and mergers and acquisitions. She has worked in public and private, small to mid-size organizations doing business development, and strategic planning and implementation, working with executives, boards and their investors. At LivePlan Kathy runs the specialized program for Strategic Advisors. She is a graduate of the University of Oregon.
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