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LivePlan for Educators and Incubators

Help your students think critically about Lean Planning, business strategy, and forecasting.

Students can quickly test and validate their business idea

LivePlan's approach to Lean Planning is compatible with Lean Canvas, Lean Launchpad, and other popular ideation techniques. Even more, students can progress past the Pitch into a financial forecasting and deeper topics over time, when appropriate.

View example of LivePlan's one-page Pitch.

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A standardized format makes grading easier

When your students use LivePlan, you get business plans in a modern, standardized outline that makes evaluation and grading easy. And LivePlan business plans look great, so your students don't have to waste precious time on formatting.

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Powerful financial forecasting that won't intimidate students

You need powerful financial forecasting, but you also want to make it easy and approachable for your students. LivePlan walks students through the process of building detailed forecasts with multiple revenue models. Instructions and examples are included at every step.

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Your students can see how their business stacks up against the competition

With Benchmarks, you can use real data from businesses across the country to see how realistic the plan is. Compare by region and size to get the most accurate data possible. LivePlan helps create budgets and forecasts that make sense.

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A collaboration platform that lets students work together with ease

Your students can easily collaborate within LivePlan, working on different parts of the plan with teammates at the same time. You can drop in at any time to see their progress, add notes and comments, and skip the hassle of emailing various versions of a plan around.

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All the help and support your students need

Your students need help and support when you're not available. That's why we offer free phone, email, and chat support. Our team works as an extension of your classroom, answering any technical questions that come up. You provide the curriculum and guidance, we provide the software and support.

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