How We're Different

More than business plan software

Why We're Different

The planning app that helps you grow.

Starting and owning a business isn't for the faint of heart. To help you succeed, we've created the tools, guidance, resources, and proven business planning method to support you at every stage of your business journey. Welcome to LivePlan.

How we're different

Beyond basic business planning

LivePlan isn't just a tool to easily create a business pitch, plan, and financials — it's a comprehensive business planning system to help you plan, fund, and grow.

A proven method: Growth Planning

We've created a proven, iterative approach to business planning called Growth Planning that helps you feel confident in where your business is now, and where it is headed.

Plan confidently with Live Guidance

With LivePlan's Live Guidance, you can create a business plan with confidence, thanks to our expert-led live chat, customized onboarding experiences, and comprehensive webinars.

LivePlan vs. other business planning apps

Other business planning apps make creating a plan feel lonesome and overwhelming.

With LivePlan's step-by-step process, you're guided through each phase of creating a professional, lender-ready business plan.

Not a numbers person? No problem. LivePlan's automated financials make crunching numbers easy and accurate.

Feeling stuck? LivePlan's AI-Powered LivePlan Assistant can help you generate ideas for both the written and financial sections of your business plan, while also refining your writing style and tone for a more impactful presentation.

Need inspiration? Access 550+ industry-specific sample plans and compare your performance against industry benchmarks all from within LivePlan.

While other business planning apps become irrelevant once your plan is complete — that's just the beginning with LivePlan. Goal tracking, performance dashboards, and forecast scenarios will empower you to confidently answer important questions like, “How can I use this funding to help my business?” “Where should I invest my marketing to grow?” and “What happens if I have a bad month?”

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LivePlan vs. other business planning apps LivePlan vs. other business planning apps

Creating a business plan in LivePlan is like having your own professional business coach guiding and cheering you through the process of creating an impressive business plan and navigating strategic growth decisions.

LivePlan vs. business plan templates

Your business is unique, and your business plan should reflect that.

How will you gather and present your market research? LivePlan helps you work through the questions you'll need to answer as you create your business plan. You'll have access to a team of support and resources to ensure you're headed in the right direction.

Are your financial statements accurate? What is gross margin and how is it calculated? What goes into a cash flow forecast? LivePlan crunches the numbers without complicated equations or financial spreadsheets.

You can feel confident that your complete plan and financials are accurate, lender-ready, and sure to impress potential investors.

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LivePlan vs. business plan templates LivePlan vs. business plan templates

Stop wasting countless hours trying to find the right words, use the right equations, and checking yourself for accuracy. With LivePlan's step-by-step guidance, automation, and financial integrations you'll save time and ensure accuracy.

LivePlan vs. other performance management apps

Understanding and analyzing your current performance is the key to successfully reaching your future goals.

While most business performance management apps will give you pretty month-end reports that detail past performance, they treat forecasting as an afterthought.

How will a decision you make today impact your business in the future? Without clear future financial visibility, it's difficult to make smart, strategic business decisions.

LivePlan puts you in control of your budgets and forecasts, making it easy to build strategic plans for the future and track your progress. You'll know when you can hit your goals, if you're going to have the cash you need, and if you're staying on track with your business spending. It's easy to adjust your forecasts and budgets as you go, ensuring that your plan is working for your business.

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LivePlan projected cash chart LivePlan vs. other performance management apps

Forecasting and tracking performance with LivePlan means you won't lose sleep worrying about how your business is doing. Whether things are going as planned, or you need to pivot your business strategy, you'll have all the information you need to take a confident next step.

LivePlan vs. financial spreadsheets

Spreadsheets can be a powerful tool to create financial reports and forecasts. They're also daunting, time-consuming, and frustrating.

You want to get all the value that a spreadsheet can provide, but you need to spend that time working on your business. There are only so many hours in the day and you can't afford to spend most of them living in a spreadsheet.

Need to share your performance with stakeholders? LivePlan creates easy-to-understand, impressive reports with visually compelling charts and graphs — all without wasting hours of your time.

Using QuickBooks or Xero? Integrate your data and get a detailed performance dashboard in minutes — no fussing in a spreadsheet. Quickly apply growth rates to your numbers, or use the simple “drag and drop” feature to adjust your budget or forecast with one click.

No accounting data? Input your numbers in one section — and see those numbers carry through to your financial statements and dashboards. When you're ready to share the numbers, easily export or print your plan — or simply add stakeholders and collaborators directly in LivePlan.

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LivePlan vs. financial spreadsheets LivePlan vs. financial spreadsheets

LivePlan lets you focus your valuable time on your business — not on a spreadsheet with complicated equations, tables, and graphs. Whether you're a business owner, board member, advisor, or CFO — you can easily create a new forecast, budget, or explore a “what-if” scenario for your business.

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