What to Expect From the Summer 2021 Strategic Advisory Bootcamp — Preview


September 2021 Update: Thank you to everyone who attended our Summer 2021 Strategic Advisor Bootcamp! If you missed out on this summer session, you can still sign up for our Fall 2021 Bootcamp while seats are still available.

We’re so excited to be bringing back our virtual Strategic Advisory Bootcamp for 2021. Traditionally an in-person training, due to the impact of COVID-19, we took the plunge last year and transitioned this conference to function remotely. Doing so gave us the opportunity to still teach attendees how to take on strategic planning with their clients and develop scalable and valuable advisory services.

As the challenges from last year have stretched into this year, we know that small business owners are more aware of the need for lean planning and forecasting. While last year, their focus was survival, they’re now looking for more guidance into how they can grow and forecast for the future. They’re looking for confident experts that can help them navigate uncertainty and guide their business strategy. This is exactly what you’ll learn to do as part of the Strategic Advisory Bootcamp.

What is LivePlan’s Strategic Advisory Bootcamp?

The 2021 Strategic Advisory Bootcamp, is a 4-day virtual conference that includes:

  • Learning the LivePlan Method: A four-step process designed to help you engage with clients quickly and deliver value through lean business modeling, financial forecasting, and reporting analysis. You’ll also have the opportunity to become a Certified LivePlan Advisor.
  • Small group workshops: Additional insights on how to price, market, sell and deliver your services from industry experts.
  • Interactive learning: Learn hard skills within LivePlan and our partner’s tools to solidify your ability to plan, forecast, and report.
  • Client-ready resources: Walk away with templates, agendas, meeting scripts, marketing materials, and more to use directly with your clients.
  • Connect with your peers: Connect, chat, share insights, and collaborate with other accountants and advisors from across the country.
  • Earn 18 CPE credits: By participating in Bootcamp you’ll earn 18 Continuing Professional Education credits issued by CPAacademy.org

There are only a few spots left in this year’s Bootcamp, so register today.

Frequently asked questions

Want to know more about what to expect from Bootcamp before signing up? Check out our full preview webinar, as well as some frequently asked questions below.


What are the times for the coursework?

We’ll officially kick things off at 9:00 AM PST every day but will also offer a “morning coffee chat” 30-minutes beforehand. Each day’s events will officially wrap up at 4:00 PM PST. 

When does Bootcamp start and end?

This year’s Bootcamp will run from June 28 through July 1, 2021. 

How many people will be participating in Bootcamp?

We cap the total attendees at 50. This is so that you can get more direct assistance and deeper learning during the primary and breakout sessions.

How much does Bootcamp cost?

This year’s Bootcamp will cost $1,200 per attendee. If you and your team have multiple team members wanting to attend, do offer group discounts.

Do you need LivePlan to participate?

You will need LivePlan software to participate in this training. If you do not currently use LivePlan, we will connect with you beforehand to get signed up and onboarded. We do offer a free trial, and you can always opt-out after the training at no cost to you.

What conferencing platform will you be using?

We’ll be using HopIn for this year’s event. Interested in learning about how we landed on this relatively new platform for our virtual events? Click here to read up on our full platform analysis.

What are the key differences this year?

This year’s Bootcamp is expanding to four days, instead of three. We’ll be bringing in some of our partners and members of the LivePlan team to help you level up your use of the LivePlan Method.

What type of experience do you need to have to get the most out of Bootcamp?

For the most part, this training is meant for those currently in or just entering the accounting field. You just need to know the basics and we’ll be covering how to approach financial forecasting with your clients and to become profitable with advisory services.

What happens after Bootcamp?

Bootcamp isn’t the end. We’ll stay connected with you moving forward, offering monthly consultations, a collaborative group chat, and plenty of other resources.

I can’t make it to this Bootcamp. Will there be future events I can attend?

Yes! We typically do this training in the Fall, and will be looking to do an in-person version later this year. We don’t have the details ready for that event just yet, so be sure to subscribe to the Strategic Advisor Blog for updates.

Register now

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s Strategic Advisory Summer Bootcamp. Be sure to register today to claim one of those last few slots. If you have any additional questions, please reach out and we’d be happy to assist you.

Kody Wirth
Kody Wirth
Kody currently works as the Inbound and Content Marketing Specialist at Palo Alto Software and runs editorial for both LivePlan and Bplans, working with various freelance specialists and in-house writers. A graduate of the University of Oregon, he specializes in SEO research, content writing, and branding.
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