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LivePlan's forecasting software builds on QuickBooks Online or Xero budgeting with seamless financial advisory tools

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Growing beyond tax and bookkeeping services shouldn't be daunting. Use LivePlan to identify business process improvements for your clients in just five steps

1. Sync accounting data in seconds

Got accounting data? Bring it into LivePlan with one click, and you're ready to start creating forecasts with your clients' actuals from QuickBooks Online or Xero.

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2. Begin charting your clients' financial forecasts

Use LivePlan's financial modeling software to build and update revenue streams, expense reports, balance sheets, and cash flow forecasts for all of your small business clients with their historical data.

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3. Go beyond the numbers with templated business plans

Show your clients what their financials mean in the bigger picture. Create lender-ready pitches and full business plans that articulate their market opportunity, competitive landscape and more. They're easy to revise so they'll stay relevant and keep entrepreneurs on track.

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4. Show them how their competitors operate

Dive deeper into your clients' performance with LivePlan Scenarios and Benchmarks. View real-time industry data* to see how their numbers compare to relevant competitors, then use LivePlan's budgeting and forecasting software to recommend strategic shifts.

*Licensed from Abrigo's ProfitCents

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5. Advise strategically to help your clients grow long-term

Become an indispensable growth planning advisor — and scale your work as you add clients. Conduct regular meetings using LivePlan's dashboard reports to inspire their continuous improvement as small business owners.

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