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Accountants Trust LivePlan to Bring More Value to their Advisory Clients

Industry-leading financial planning, forecasting, and reporting software.

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LivePlan for Accountants

“Rated as the Top Budgeting Software of 2023”

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Accountants use LivePlan to deliver scalable, efficient, and profitable advisory services such as outsourced CFO and strategic advising.

LivePlan Dashboard

Fuel business growth

Seamlessly connect your clients' QuickBooks or Xero to instantly display three years of financial performance in the Dashboard.

LivePlan Forecast

Forecasting made easy

LivePlan helps you quickly build smart, strategic, and scalable financial forecasts. Dynamically set cash drivers and model cash scenarios with our cash flow management tools.

LivePlan Benchmarks

Gain deeper insights

See benchmark data alongside forecast and accounting results, for deeper and actionable performance insights. Filter benchmarks by industry, region, and size to show clients how they compare to others and to their plan.

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LivePlan manages all of your clients' plans and financials in one place, making the advising process easy and efficient.

Jason increased revenue from monthly client fees by 125% since introducing the LivePlan Method to his accounting firm.

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Everything you need to launch & grow

Guide strategic business decisions with confidence

Help your clients meet specific financial goals. LivePlan makes it simple to compare the forecast to benchmarks and actual results, to look at trends, and uncover problems to guide solutions. Pair LivePlan with our meeting agendas and scripting, to guide actionable meetings efficiently.

Build long term client relationships

Great advising engagements grow over time as you learn more about your client's business. LivePlan will grow with you, making it easy to show value right away with instance performance reports now, and deeper strategy long term as you develop the forecast. Best of all, LivePlan is built for small businesses, so it shows reports and performance metrics in ways your clients will understand. LivePlan helps you bring immense value in a proven system for planning and tracking performance long term.

Let your clients see their future profit and cash

LivePlan's lean forecasting and reporting is the key to providing advising insights that are accurate and actionable, all while taking less time than other forecasting apps. LivePlan's modeling helps you quickly build a full three-way forecast: profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet. Using actual accounting results, plus projections and cash flow assumptions, you'll have a smart, strategic forecast. Help your clients understand their profit and cash now, as well as 3, 6 or 9 months out, and even up to 5 years into the future.

LivePlan's Strategic Advising Program

LivePlan Program for Strategic Advising

Your clients are turning to you for advice on their business growth challenges and opportunities. You need to be able to offer efficient, scalable and profitable client advisory services.

LivePlan's complete business planning, financial forecasting, benchmarking and tracking is the ideal product for comprehensive strategic advising. Plus, we've built tools and resources to use in your practice to streamline your workflow, guide your client meetings, develop value based advising bundles.

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Seamless Partnerships

LivePlan Partners

Your workflow relies on efficient task based work. We've partnered with the leading workflow products: Aero, Jetpack, and Karbon; as well as the leading value based pricing system: Effective Pricing; and the leading proposal and collections app: Ignition, to allow you to tie your LivePlan advisory work to your pricing, proposals and delivery workflow. You can find The LivePlan Method for Strategic Advising in the template libraries of each of those apps.

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Accountants love LivePlan

Enae Jackson-Atkins

LivePlan had everything I needed to build out and scale. LivePlan helped me develop those partnerships to scale. I could use LivePlan to process numbers, and I could focus my time and energy on the relationships, the discussion, and the strategy. The more I work with the people at LivePlan, the more I work with my clients using LivePlan, the more I use LivePlan, the more I see LivePlan has been the best business decision I've made.

Billy Lacey

One of the biggest things that struck me about LivePlan was the LivePlan Method that you could roll out. With the marketing and service packages available in the training program, you can build to scale very quickly.

Jason Meredith

The biggest thing LivePlan gives you is the conformity of your platform. Because these types of services can be pretty widespread, you don't want to be open-ended for every customer. LivePlan gives us consistency—it covers all the bases we need to offer these advisory services.

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