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Accessible and interactive entrepreneurship education

LivePlan supports coaching and mentorship programs for successful startups

LivePlan adds simple, powerful software to your entrepreneurship curriculum, integrating with startup programs to help every founder develop a deeper understanding of their business.

Example Garret's Bike Shop plan

The right amount of planning

From a very lean, pitch-style plan to a formal, lender-ready business plan, LivePlan will ensure your founders have the right tools to understand all the critical aspects of their venture and express their ideas in a clear, consistent format.

Financial forecasting dashboard

Accessible yet complete financial forecasting

LivePlan's financial forecasting tools ensure participants of all backgrounds can easily create a financial model that supports their vision and validates their idea.

Launchpad dashboard

Designed with program collaboration in mind

Each founder's LivePlan account can be shared with team members, mentors, and staff, allowing companies to share their vision and progress with their mentors and other stakeholders.

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Roger Wong developed a Business Plan Accelerator course using LivePlan

Thanks to LivePlan's Lean Planning framework, this Accelerator-style course accommodates students from any industry, at any stage of business, with any level of experience—all in the same classroom!

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LivePlan helps your companies focus on what matters

Built-in help and free technical support

Built–in help and free technical support

LivePlan uses a step–by–step approach that includes instructions and examples. Founders can focus on one thing at a time, without distractions. And all founders and collaborators can use our free phone, chat, and email support for any software questions they have.

Encourage critical thinking

Encourage critical thinking

LivePlan empowers founders to focus on business strategy, financial forecasting, and activities that will drive their business forward, rather than getting hung up on Excel and Word documents, so your programs deliver the maximum value possible.



LivePlan business plans are impressive, complete, and require that founders think through each component of their plan and forecast. Founders are prepared for success, and can easily export a pitch deck presentation from LivePlan or share a one–page executive summary—all in a format that has won hundreds of business plan competitions, and received countless millions in total capital infusion from investors and lenders.

Easy implementation

  • Customize LivePlan's format to match your accelerator
  • Works with and extends frameworks like Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Business Model Canvas with complete and detailed financial forecasting
  • All the materials to integrate LivePlan into any program are included
  • Free phone, email, and chat technical support

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Incubators and Accelerators love LivePlan

We think of LivePlan as a portal for validated hypotheses, and a way for our companies to gather their thoughts and really focus on writing an execution plan. LivePlan is not about writing the great work of fiction, but rather about how the entrepreneur will build a sustainable company. It's also a great tool for sharing with early employees and other stakeholders the history and vision of the company, and how they're working in the industry. We find that this helps with execution and proper decision making. There is never a finished plan but always a work in progress.
Mark Lieberman

Mark Lieberman
OSU Advantage Accelerator & RAIN
Corvallis, OR

As an accelerator director, I was always looking for products and services that I could incorporate into my program that would make the life of a founder a little less hectic. Creating a business plan and pitch deck with LivePlan met that need. It was perfect in terms of usability and quality. The platform is very simple to navigate, collaborative, and customizable to fit any business type, while allowing the user to get granular on projections. The end product has a very organized and professional feel that my founders and investors were very happy with. Definitely an added value to the tool kit an accelerator or incubator would want to provide to their members.
Bryan Shaw

Bryan Shaw
Program Administrator
Entrepreneurship and Business Coaching Center
Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College

LivePlan provided an easy way for participants in our community college incubator program to think about and model a new business idea or extension to their existing business. For many, this was their first time doing a strategic business plan and all appreciated how straight forward the process was. Beyond the plan, the process opened up a new way of thinking about their company, even for those who had been in business for years.
Brent Imai

Brent Imai
OmniWorks, powering the ESTEC LA™ Incubator
Los Angeles, California

LivePlan has been instrumental for our small business owners in the Scale Up Miami program. They now have an efficient way to put together the core elements of their growth plan to take their business to the next level. We are so impressed with how intuitive and easy to use the software is and the LivePlan team has always been there to support us via webinars when we need it.
Romi Bhatia

Romi Bhatia
Executive Director
The Idea Center at Miami Dade College
Miami, Florida

Fans of LivePlan
Fans of LivePlan