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Provide scalable technical assistance to your small businesses that improve outcomes

Your technical assistance grant dollars will go further when you use LivePlan to deliver your expertise

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LivePlan is built around a business and growth planning system to easily deliver one-on-one, small group, or workshop-based technical assistance

No more messy Excel spreadsheets and Word documents
Just clear, powerful financial planning

LivePlan forecasts

All the tools for emerging and established CDFIs

Record and track loans in real-time with LivePlan. Plug in principal and interest payments, demonstrate how business decisions affect their cash flow, and put borrowers on a path to making reasonable loan repayments. All without ever needing to create an Excel formula.

Scaling with LivePlan

Add capacity for training and development

Struggling to train employees? Have them work with our in-house experts to get up to speed in just a few hours. Serve more small business customers and expand your geographical footprint with LivePlan's scalable technology.

Demonstrate impact

Show proof of your programs' success

Use LivePlan's dashboard reports to see how small business loan recipients are performing — and tout your community economic development successes to grant awarding organizations including the CDFI Fund, private foundations, institutional investors, and more.

Proven business plans that get straight to the point

For startups, small businesses, and business expansions, LivePlan's standardized platform reduces the time needed to put business plans to use. With instructions and examples at every step, you can help owners focus on executing, from marketing and sales strategy to key metrics and milestones. Add LivePlan's professional financial forecasting, and clients will leave your training programs on the pathway to long-term growth.

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Show entrepreneurs how their numbers stack up against the competition

With Benchmarks, businesses can use real data from companies across the country to see how their revenue, profit and productivity metrics compare against averages in their industry. Filter by region and size to get the most accurate data possible and help businesses add context to their financials.

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Advise strategically and add impact to your programs

Become their go-to mentor. LivePlan's Dashboard feature creates instant reports that make it easy to check in with your clients, using their financials tracked in LivePlan to compare side-by-side with their previously entered forecasts. Explore trends, uncover problems, and guide them to solutions that help them reach their growth goals and repay their loans.

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LivePlan provides lenders with the tools to

Train entrepreneurs

Train entrepreneurs effectively

Use LivePlan's pitch, plan, and forecast features to help business owners see how their business decisions affect their position in the market. Better understand competitors, plan businesses around industry realities, and confidently execute data-driven strategies.

Help create plans

Help businesses create plans that fit their needs

No two businesses are alike, and the same goes for business plans. In LivePlan, entrepreneurs can develop a simple one-page plan to focus their ideas, or create a more detailed business plan with all the necessary information to venture into new markets, raise capital, attract partners, and turn their idea into a profitable reality.

Save time and money

Save time and money

With LivePlan as a partner, you can scale any training program. In-person, remote, or asynchronous, the LivePlan platform works with you so you can expand your programming and serve more entrepreneurs, regardless of where you're based.

Instill confidence

Instill business owners with confidence in their plans — and themselves

It's one thing to plan a business. It's another thing to know how to talk about a business plan. Entrepreneurs can develop talking points and practice their pitch in LivePlan so they can discuss their business with confidence and authority.

Make a positive impact

Make a positive impact in your community

You lend to help businesses grow and spur local economic development. Companies that plan and track against their plan grow 30% faster than those that don't, so help clients master growth planning and reach their goals with LivePlan.

Use LivePlan to measure your impact

LivePlan's business planning and financial forecasting tools let you deliver more technical assistance to more entrepreneurs. Giving every small business a better opportunity to succeed.

“LivePlan's unique Dashboard feature gives entrepreneurs a one-stop dashboard that tells them exactly how their business is doing and how to grow.”

David Nilssen

Co-Founder, Guidant Financial — Boise, ID

Go beyond traditional financial education services

With a foundation in growth planning, LivePlan easily integrates into training programs and curriculums used by financial institutions, incubators, accelerators, educators, and much more. Learn how LivePlan lets advisors and lenders make more frequent contact with clients, without taking time away from other tasks.

LivePlan demystifies loan management

With LivePlan, business owners create plans and forecasts that:

  • Guide them from concept to actionable plan
  • Build the confidence they need to be successful
  • Help them pitch, forecast, and collaborate with ease
  • Adapt swiftly to changes in the market

LivePlan streamlines advising

LivePlan helps advisors make the most of their limited time, so they can:

  • Advise over a longer time-frame than traditional technical assistance programs
  • Pinpoint feedback and suggest improvements
  • Spend less time with spreadsheets and more time on strategy
  • Be effective and engaged with clients as they reach their growth goals

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