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Lend smarter with financial education services

LivePlan improves small business loan application quality

Lenders use LivePlan to raise loan acceptance rates with intelligent financial forecasting and clearly written business plans

LivePlan business plan

Streamline loan applications to accelerate deal flow

Help entrepreneurs create business plans in LivePlan that are easy to understand and ready to finance.

Consistent pitch and plan formats mean less time wading through documents.

LivePlan financial forecast

Simple yet powerful forecasting and planning

Show clients how to maximize the impact of their loan with strategic forecasts.

LivePlan provides step-by-step instructions and examples to help entrepreneurs manage their cash flow.

LivePlan impact measurement

A consistent process to track client financials

LivePlan's Dashboard reports let you stay on top of clients' progress over time.

Maximize the lifetime value of your relationship by helping clients repay their loan and grow sustainably.

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Heather Lux uses LivePlan to advise hundreds of loan recipients

Small businesses stay on pathways to growth and lenders see higher repayment rates

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Financial management software built to scale

Work better together with online collaboration

A collaboration platform for all of your loan compliance programming

Are you providing time-consuming one-on-one business coaching? Use LivePlan's collaboration tools to scale your programs. Use the LivePlan dashboard to review the progress of loan applicants and recipients, and keep them on track through remote or in-person advising.

Save hours with a streamlined process

Help entrepreneurs master their KPIs

LivePlan's financial forecasting tools bring entrepreneurs' numbers to life. Clients can easily build detailed cash flow forecasts, balance sheets, and profit and loss statements to identify opportunities or issues that may affect their ability to manage a loan.

Create long–term relationships

Measure your economic and community impact

You lend to help small businesses grow. With LivePlan, you can measure each loan's impact on company revenue, job creation and community benefit, to meet you and your partners' economic development goals.

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What Community Lenders are saying about LivePlan

Heather Lux headshot

We provide a small business consultant to every loan client throughout the life of their loan. LivePlan allows our business plan facilitators, small business consultants, staff, and volunteers to review the business plan as it is developed.

Austin Breckenridge headshot

It's no secret that business planning and financial forecasting is cumbersome, time-consuming, and daunting for many small business owners. LivePlan takes that complex process and makes it digestible for any entrepreneur, at any stage of business. Because of LivePlan, our clients are creating higher caliber business plans in no time at all.

Antonina Geer headshot

LivePlan is instrumental in making the financial stuff simple and less intimidating for my small business and solopreneur clients. The easy to navigate dashboards, budgeting/forecasting, and projections features enable me to quickly provide and present financial data in a way that makes sense to them.