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LivePlan's impact on our center was undeniable. Both our long term counseling and our online counseling doubled and capital infusion tripled.
Arlene Soto

Arlene Soto
Center Director, Oregon SBDC

LivePlan can really help small business get to the next level, (It) is all about helping them realize that goal.
Charles “Tee” Rowe

Charles “Tee” Rowe
President and CEO, America’s SBDC

Add efficiency and effectiveness to your work with clients by offering the world's leading pitch, plan, and forecast tool

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Fundable Business Plans

LivePlan allows you to build a full lender-ready business plan or use the powerful Pitch feature to quickly and easily build a one-page business plan. Step-by-step guidance, one-on-one training, and over 500 business plan examples will help your clients build the plan they need, think strategically about their business, and get funded.

easy budgeting and forecasting

Easy Budgeting and Forecasting

Create budgets and forecasts quickly with LivePlan's step-by-step process. Then, use LivePlan's Scoreboard to compare the budget with actual results on a beautiful financial management dashboard.

seamless integration

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly bring your clients' QuickBooks Online or Xero data into LivePlan and see how their business is doing from any computer with Internet access. Never export financial data to Excel again. LivePlan automates visual reports for you and your clients with a single click.

key insights

Key Insights

Research and validate business assumptions with real–world industry benchmarks that show how any business concept compares to the competition.

Use LivePlan to Enhance Your Consulting Efforts

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Increase Your Efficiency

LivePlan is cloud-based, meaning your clients can share their accounts with you, to access from any computer any time.

Finish your plan fast with step-by-step help

Expand Your Expertise

Our Expert Advisors certification course will provide you with the knowledge you need to help your clients grow their business by setting goals, tracking progress and understanding how they measure up to their competitors.

Create an impressive pitch presentation in minutes

Improve the Value of your Consulting

The Scoreboard compares planned financial forecasts to actual data, imported directly from QuickBooks Online, Xero, or other accounting input. This provides a platform for enduring mentorship as your client's business grows and prospers.

Benefits of using LivePlan with your clients

  • Access from any computer or tablet with an internet connection
  • Access clients' accounts through your own login
  • Ability to give comments & feedback to clients through the application
  • LivePlan will ask clients questions every step of the way, like an online worksheet
  • Library of free resources including instructions, videos, and example plans

Consider our turnkey curriculum

Also, if you're looking for curriculum to go with LivePlan, please consider our curriculum, “Start, Run, & Grow Your Business.” We offer this free to academics.

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Rated #1 for business planning and reporting in the Intuit App Center

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“Excellent tool to simplify a complex task”

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Consultants Love LivePlan

LivePlan is wonderful. The best part is how easy it is to make adjustments and quickly see how it impacts cash flow. For example, one client had a 1% DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) which was not good enough—I said she wants to aim for 1.2% so she changed her hourly rate and automatically all the financial projections updated. We could have spent hours recalculating in a spreadsheet.
Bronwen Madden

Bronwen Madden
Coordinator, SBTDC
Trade & Business Development Missouri State University
West Plains

LivePlan's impact on our center was undeniable. Both our long term counseling and our online counseling doubled and capital infusion tripled. Additionally, LivePlan has provided a tool to reach out to lenders and show them the value of sending their clients to the SBDC, increasing the bank referrals.
Arlene Soto

Arlene Soto
Center Director
SBDC Southwestern Oregon Community College

The utilization of LivePlan’s software made it very easy to drill down to the core of the (business) plan in an impactful, one page pitch. This was a great win for our center’s clients.
Jackeline Mejias-Fuertes

Jackeline Mejias-Fuertes
Director of the SBDC
Brookdale Community College

LivePlan can really help small business get to the next level, (It) is all about helping them realize that goal. Anyone can have a great idea, but getting that idea across to a lender or investor is crucial. Entrepreneurs will be able to put together quality plans that will, without a doubt, help their businesses succeed in the long run.
Charles “Tee” Rowe

Charles “Tee” Rowe
America’s SBDC President and CEO

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