Streamline your advising services and help more clients grow their business and get funding

LivePlan is professional business planning software trusted by SBDC advisors.

With LivePlan, you can advise your clients using a Lean Planning approach, always doing the right amount of planning for any business at any stage.

Example Garret's Bike Shop plan


Create a Lean Plan using LivePlan's one-page pitch, or collaborate on a lender-ready full business plan.

Use the plan as a springboard and quickly understand your client's business.

Financial forecasting dashboard


Reduce your time spent on forecasting by 70 percent.

Walk clients through the process of building detailed strategic forecasts with instructions and examples at every step.

LivePlan Dashboard preview


Conduct regular advising meetings with your client, using LivePlan's Dashboard reports.

LivePlan helps you be effective and engaged with your clients as they progress toward their growth goals.

Explore LivePlan features for consultants

LivePlan lets you help more clients and improves outcomes

Guarantee quality business planning services

Guarantee quality business planning services

With a scalable, standardized approach to planning, you can create a repeatable process and streamline your advising. You'll be able to help more clients while improving your advising quality at the same time.

A collaboration platform that will help you double your virtual consulting hours

A collaboration platform that will help you double your virtual consulting hours

LivePlan's simple collaboration tools let you give feedback to your clients, even when they're not in your office. You can see your clients' progress and help keep them on track.

Create long–term relationships

Create long–term relationships

LivePlan turns your client's business plan into a real management tool. It'll automatically compare budgets and forecasts to QuickBooks accounting data so you can track progress in real time. You'll improve client retention by 30 percent and build long–lasting, healthy businesses.

Easy implementation

  • Customize LivePlan's format to match your advising process
  • Works with and extends the Business Model Canvas with complete and detailed financial forecasting
  • All the materials to integrate LivePlan into workshops, seminars, and courses
  • Free business planning curriculum for turn–key workshops
  • Free handouts make onboarding easy
  • Free phone, email, and chat technical support

Save your clients time and money with an Intuit Bundle

Your clients can save when they bundle both LivePlan and Intuit QuickBooks Online. They'll connect and sync to track financial performance against their plans and make smart data driven decisions.

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Free curriculum included

If you want to offer a business planning course either online or in–person, check out our "Start, Run & Grow Your Business" turn–key curriculum. It's included when you add LivePlan to your advising processes.

asbdc certified course

Small Business Advisors love LivePlan

LivePlan is wonderful. The best part is how easy it is to make adjustments and quickly see how it impacts cash flow. For example, one client had a 1% DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) which was not good enough–I said she wants to aim for 1.2% so she changed her hourly rate and automatically all the financial projections updated. We could have spent hours recalculating in a spreadsheet.
Bronwen Madden

Bronwen Madden
Coordinator, SBTDC
Trade & Business Development Missouri State University
West Plains

LivePlan's impact on our center was undeniable. Both our long term counseling and our online counseling doubled and capital infusion tripled. Additionally, LivePlan has provided a tool to reach out to lenders and show them the value of sending their clients to the SBDC, increasing the bank referrals.
Arlene Soto

Arlene Soto
Center Director
SBDC Southwestern Oregon Community College

The utilization of LivePlan's software made it very easy to drill down to the core of the (business) plan in an impactful, one–page pitch. This was a great win for our center's clients.
Jackeline Mejias-Fuertes

Jackeline Mejias–Fuertes
Director of the SBDC
Brookdale Community College

LivePlan can really help small businesses get to the next level. [It] is all about helping them realize that goal. Anyone can have a great idea, but getting that idea across to a lender or investor is crucial. Entrepreneurs will be able to put together quality plans that will, without a doubt, help their businesses succeed in the long run.
Charles “Tee” Rowe

Charles “Tee” Rowe
America's SBDC President and CEO