LivePlan Feature Update: Print Your Pitch to PDF


LivePlan product update

The LivePlan Pitch has always been a great way to create a quick overview of your business.

As an alternative to the Business Model Canvas, the LivePlan Pitch helps you summarize your business opportunity, target market, competition, and business model—quickly and easily.LivePlan Pitch SA Blog

It’s like a visual executive summary of your business that’s easy for anyone to read and get an understanding of how your business works.

The LivePlan Pitch is also a great tool you can use to experiment with different business models without having to spend time building out complete business plans.

You’ve always been able to invite guests to view your pitch directly in LivePlan or export it to PowerPoint for presentations. That’s been great, but sometimes you just want to print your pitch or share it via email.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve solved that problem and added a “print to PDF” feature to the LivePlan pitch. You can now easily download a PDF of your pitch in seconds and print it or share it via email—or any other way you’d like to distribute copies for review and feedback.

We hope you find this new feature useful. If you have any suggestions for LivePlan, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of customer advocates, who are all located right here in Eugene, Oregon.

This post originally appeared on the LivePlan Blog.

Noah Parsons
Noah Parsons
Noah is currently the COO at Palo Alto Software, makers of Outpost and the online business plan app LivePlan, and content curator and creator of the Emergent Newsletter. You can follow Noah on Twitter.
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