Webinar Recap – What’s New in LivePlan? A look at the latest updates and features for successful growth planning


Have you been keeping up with the latest LivePlan Learning webinars?

Last week, we hosted advisors and educators at our latest webinar: What’s New in LivePlan? A look at the latest updates and features for successful growth planning.

For those that weren’t able to attend, we’ve included the recording below.


A team of LivePlan experts led an hour-long, panel-style discussion on the best ways to use LivePlan with clients. We dove into the app, walking attendees through a series of real use cases based on feedback from longtime LivePlan users.

Using LivePlan’s forecast scenarios feature, we showed how, in just 10 minutes, LivePlan users can create forecasts for new sales campaigns, retail expansions, expense reductions and much more. The LivePlan team showed how business advisors and educators can use these features to deliver valuable insights to clients or students.

We also showcased some of the newer features available in LivePlan. From in-app forecasting metrics that display key financial indicators in real time, to flexible expense forecasting, we showed how advisors can use these features to help entrepreneurs develop new strategies for their business from their own numbers. 

Most importantly, we showed how easy and seamless it is to integrate LivePlan into the work advisors are already doing, making their services more valuable to the people they work with.

With LivePlan, advisors and entrepreneurs can help entrepreneurs master the art of Growth Planning, the simple but powerful process of continuously planning, forecasting, reviewing and refining your business strategy.

You can start growth planning today by creating simple pitches, full lender-ready business plans and dynamic financial forecasts in LivePlan. Just click here to find the solution that’s right for you.

Thanks again!

The LivePlan Team

P.S. We took a few minutes at the end of the webinar to remind attendees about LivePlan Services, where time-strapped advisors can tap into LivePlan’s network of business plan writers, reviewers and market researchers. Click here to learn more about LivePlan Services.

Elon Glucklich
Elon Glucklich
Elon is a marketing specialist at Palo Alto Software, working with consultants, accountants, business instructors and others who use LivePlan at scale. He has a bachelor's degree in journalism and an MBA from the University of Oregon.