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LivePlan for Strategic Advising

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Whether you're experienced or new to strategic advising, you'll get the right training and software to help you succeed.

LivePlan Software for Strategic Advising

LivePlan Software for Strategic Advising

Powerful forecasting, tracking, & reporting LivePlan gives you all the tools you need to track the metrics that matter, and help your clients make confident and strategic business decisions.

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Fuel business growth

Seamlessly connect your clients' QuickBooks or Xero to instantly display three years of financial performance in easy to read charts and graphs. Combine your expertise with LivePlan and deliver Strategic Advising efficiently, collaborating with clients online or providing them with beautiful PDF report packages. You can even add your logo, for a personalized, co-branded experience.

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LivePlan Dashboard

Forecasting made easy

LivePlan helps you quickly build smart, strategic, and scalable financial forecasts. Start from your client's accounting data, or build from scratch, and use LivePlan's step-by-step guidance. Utilize the scenarios feature to build up to 10 full forecasts for each client. Dynamically set cash drivers and model cash scenarios with our cash flow management tools.

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LivePlan Forecast

Gain deeper insights

Filter industry benchmarks by type, region, and size to show clients how they compare to others in their industry. LivePlan displays benchmark data alongside forecast and accounting results, for deeper and more direct performance insights.

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LivePlan Benchmarks

Print and share reports

LivePlan makes it easy to produce valuable deliverables for your customers. Select the charts and metrics you want, and add your own narrative, to create an informative reporting package in minutes—even add your company logo.

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LivePlan Dashboard reports
William Wilsnagh, Skye Business Solutions LivePlan is one of the few software and training products I've come across that delivers exactly what it says it will.

-William Wilsnagh, Skye Business Solutions

LivePlan Method for Strategic Advising

LivePlan Method for Strategic Advising

Build an efficient, scalable, and valuable client advisory practice.

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Your LivePlan Method Resources

Deliver a valuable service

We've defined and streamlined advisory work so you can bring maximum value to your clients, and help them reach their goals. This recurring system keeps you organized and efficient; and brings immense value to your clients.

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LivePlan Method overview

Get organized and be efficient

The LivePlan Method for Strategic Advising is streamlined and efficient. Task-based work allows you to assign the right employee to the right work and be sure your team isn't missing anything.

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LivePlan Method process

Create packages and deliverables

Build the right service packages for your clientele. Explore all of the deliverables you can offer, and how to best sort them into valuable tiered packages.

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LivePlan Method advisory packages
Amy Hooke, The Savvy Bookkeeper [LivePlan] takes away the need to ‘sell’ the service, because you can just show the client the value.

-Amy Hooke, The Savvy Bookkeeper

Some of our fans

Enae Jackson-Atkins

LivePlan had everything I needed to build out and scale. LivePlan helped me develop those partnerships to scale. I could use LivePlan to process numbers, and I could focus my time and energy on the relationships, the discussion, and the strategy. The more I work with the people at LivePlan, the more I work with my clients using LivePlan, the more I use LivePlan, the more I see LivePlan has been the best business decision I've made.

Billy Lacey

One of the biggest things that struck me about LivePlan was the LivePlan Method that you could roll out. With the marketing and service packages available in the training program, you can build to scale very quickly.

Jason Meredith

The biggest thing LivePlan gives you is the conformity of your platform. Because these types of services can be pretty widespread, you don't want to be open-ended for every customer. LivePlan gives us consistency—it covers all the bases we need to offer these advisory services.

Build and Scale With LivePlan

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