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LivePlan product update

Over the last few months, we’ve released a variety of new features and improvements for LivePlan, many of which are specifically developed for LivePlan Strategic Advisors.
Our continued goal is to improve the overall experience for you and your clients—allowing you to serve more clients, build better forecasts, and generate strategic and thoughtful reports.

LivePlan is a platform for strategic advising services, and we plan to be right there with you at each step of the way as you add strategic advising services to your business.

Here are some of our favorite new features:

Dashboard Financial Statements

LivePlan’s Dashboard now provides full financial statements—Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow. This gives you a quick and easy way to compare your actual results against your forecast. You can view your results by month, or you can run the statements for a selected time period.

The full financial statements are available in the printed Dashboard Report Summary as well (more on that next!). Your client can now get an accurate depiction of their complete financial health, all in one report.

Financial Statements

Dashboard Report Summary

Numbers, graphs, and tables alone do not tell the full story of your client’s business journey. When sending out monthly reports, it’s important to include the “why” behind the numbers. Write a summary review for the metrics to help your client make sense of their monthly figures.

LivePlan’s new Dashboard Report Summary allows you to easily add a narrative for your dashboard reports. Highlight key wins, draw attention to important gaps, give background and context to the graphs and tables, and help explain what the numbers are revealing. All of this will make it easier for your clients to understand their reports, and as a result, they’ll better understand their businesses’ financial standing and health.

Dashboard Report Summary

QuickBooks Desktop Integration

One of the most exciting new features to LivePlan is that it now fully syncs with QuickBooks Desktop—Pro, Premier, and Enterprise.

Having worked extensively with QuickBooks Desktop in previous roles, I understand the desire for some clients to remain on the desktop line of products. QuickBooks Enterprise, in particular, offers extensive inventory handling, advanced reporting tools, and up to 30 users. Depending on the industry your client is in, QuickBooks Desktop may be a necessity.

But now, no matter what version of QuickBooks your client’s business is on, it can be connected directly to LivePlan.

LivePlan’s new QuickBooks Desktop integration syncs the QuickBooks Desktop file to LivePlan’s Dashboard, allowing for a comparative view of data: actual and forecasted values, previous period, and previous year. LivePlan can also build an automatic starting forecast based on the connected Chart of Accounts.

Using Right Networks? The LivePlan Sync Manager is now on the Right Networks application directory.

Learn more about how to setup your QuickBooks Desktop connection here.

Quickbooks Integration

Cash Flow Forecasting by individual revenue and expense stream

Accurately capturing projected accounts receivable and accounts payable balances is an important part of building out a cash flow forecast. Until now, LivePlan has allowed you to forecast A/R and A/P balances by setting overall terms for all revenue streams and expense items.

This approach hasn’t always given the granularity that you need for your clients. Projecting A/R and A/P by an overall rate may not be feasible when your clients’ terms vary largely by revenue stream or expense account. Setting up your terms on a more granular level allows for greater accuracy when projecting your clients’ A/R and A/P balances, giving them a better idea of their future cash position.

LivePlan now allows you to set A/R and A/P terms per individual revenue stream and expense. When setting up your A/R and A/P in the Cash Flow Assumptions page in the forecast, you’ll now be able to interact with a list of all of your individual revenue streams and expense items. You can directly enter in your average days to pay/get paid, and set up the percentage of sales/purchases on credit. LivePlan will then calculate your projected AR and AP balances for you.

Cash Flow Forecasting

We hope you’re just as excited about these new features as we are. You can now serve more of your clients through LivePlan create more accurate cash flow forecasts, and deliver higher quality reports. We’re proud and pleased to be joining you on your journey to expand your Strategic Advising practice.

We always appreciate feedback, both on how we can improve LivePlan for you or your clients, and on how we share information with you (such as this blog post!). Give these new features a try and let us know what you think.  Feel free to contact us at or @liveplan on twitter.

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Joey O'Shaughnessy
Joey O'Shaughnessy
Joey is the Channel Manager for Strategic Advisors. In his role he focuses on helping accountants and bookkeepers start, run, and grow their advising practice through LivePlan. He has been with Palo Alto Software for over 3 years and is a graduate of the University of Oregon.
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