We are Palo Alto Software

Here at Palo Alto Software, our goal is to help small business succeed. We believe that small businesses are the engine of our economy and that if we can help more companies survive and thrive, we will all be better off.

After all, we're a small business ourselves and we understand what it takes to start from zero, with no outside investment, and build a company from 1 to 70 employees. We understand that challenge, and we also know what it takes to be successful. We are committed to providing that knowledge, experience and expertise to as many other small businesses as possible.

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We Believe Black Lives Matter.

How We Support Small Business

With our free websites, Bplans.com and Mplans.com, we actively support the small business community by providing a wealth of information and guidance.

Bplans attracts more than a million visitors per month, offering free business planning articles, financial tools, sample business plans, and other important resources. Mplans provides similar content and marketing planning resources.

Members of our leadership team, including company founder Tim Berry and CEO Sabrina Parsons, travel the country speaking about business planning and starting and running small businesses. We work closely with various local, regional, state, and national organizations to provide resources, software, and guidance to budding entrepreneurs.

Palo Alto Software was the key sponsor of the Oregon Small Business Boost, giving away $3 million worth of software to entrepreneurs during the height of the ‘great recession’.

We also sponsor a number of academic business plan competitions each year, offering prize money to student entrepreneurs and acting as expert judges to determine winners of some of the most prestigious competitions in the country.

For over 15 years, we've provided free software to Small Business Development Centers and SCORE offices throughout the United States. Using our software, counselors at these offices have helped hundreds of thousands of small business owners write the business plans that helped launch countless businesses. And with our academic software program, we put free software into the hands of college instructors, and provide low-cost planning software to students of business and business planning. We believe every business will benefit from a business plan, and encourage smart business planning and economic growth through these outreach efforts.

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