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Turn your QuickBooks data into real-time budgets & forecasts

Sync LivePlan with QuickBooks and spot new ways to grow without using complicated spreadsheets or budgeting apps.

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Build forecasts, budgets & reports 5X faster than with spreadsheets

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LivePlan turns your accounting data into financial forecasts

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Your forecasts and dashboards update in real time


Discover a roadmap for your business growth

Track your actual results against your forecast predictions and confidently grow 30% faster.

  • Create a starting forecast based on actual results from your accounting data
  • Predict your profit and cash position up to 5 years in the future
  • Easily see which expenses and sales did better or worse than your forecast
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“Best thing since sliced bread. Highly recommend this to go along with QuickBooks. I love how it gives a picture for how I am tracking based on my projections and actual performance.”

Spot patterns to make profitable decisions

Identify new growth or cost-saving opportunities by looking at spikes and dips in your profit, cash flow and other key metrics at a glance.

  • Negative and positive trends are highlighted for easy analysis
  • Drill into each metric to get more granular detail
  • Compare your key metrics to competitors using benchmarks
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“LivePlan is interactive and adaptable. Both the dashboard and forecast are powerful tools - a must have for a serious minded business person who relies on timely and accurate information to make sound decisions.”

Stay cash healthy & be ready for anything

Find and fix cash flow challenges early so you’ll always have enough money to cover your bills.

  • Monitor your cash flow in real time with Live Forecast
  • Test different what-if budget scenarios to see how they impact your cash position
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“The ability to create multiple forecast scenarios relatively quickly is really helpful to have some idea of the direction my company is potentially heading. Integration with QuickBooks behind the scenes is one of the best features.”

Present financial updates with confidence

Walk partners or investors through the numbers by showing them visuals that need no explanation.

  • Charts and graphs make financial data easy to understand
  • Download your custom dashboard as a PDF or print to share
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“LivePlan + QuickBooks = Awesome. Great product for developing your business plan. Perhaps its real worth, however, is in its ability to link with QuickBooks and give real-time financial data in easily understandable graphics and provide printed reports that can be shared with board members, financial professionals, loan officers, etc.”

Turn your QuickBooks data into business insights

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Frequently Asked Questions

LivePlan syncs with your QuickBooks data in real-time and instantly updates your forecasted cash and profit totals, key financial metrics compared to industry benchmarks, and in-depth charts and graphs for presentations and analysis.

LivePlan stopped supporting the ability to connect and sync to QuickBooks Desktop on April 30, 2022. This decision came after careful review and consideration. We are constantly striving to provide a seamless and reliable experience for our accounting-connected users. Unfortunately, the QuickBooks Desktop connection from Intuit did not meet our expectations for a seamless and reliable experience, despite our efforts to improve it.

You can find LivePlan from the QuickBooks app store, or by signing into your QuickBooks Online account, navigating to the app section in the menu on the left, and searching for LivePlan.

From within LivePlan, connect your QuickBooks account to LivePlan with one click. LivePlan will pull in your accounting data for the current year and up to two past fiscal years. Once connected, use LivePlan’s Forecast Builder to create a new forecast based on your QuickBooks data or map your QuickBooks chart of accounts to your LivePlan forecast to then see your actual results and forecast side-by-side.

LivePlan protects your data using encryption, HTTPS and other technology. We use our own services just like our customers do and ensuring data security is a top priority for us. You can learn more here.

No, LivePlan will not alter your QuickBooks data. The syncing is one-way, so it won’t impact the information stored in QuickBooks.

LivePlan syncs with all versions of QuickBooks Online, except QuickBooks Self-Employed. QuickBooks Self-Employed is a simplified version of QuickBooks Online that doesn't utilize a Chart of Accounts. LivePlan also does not currently support syncing with QuickBooks Desktop. All other versions of QuickBooks Online are supported in LivePlan.