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Financial Forecasts & Scenarios

Financial planning that’s simpler & less intimidating

Create cash flow forecasts, profit and loss statements and more using a combination of AI suggestions and expert guidance.

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Automatic financials

Finish your forecast faster than ever

Forget the complex formulas, spreadsheets and number crunching. Automatic financials, drag-and-drop forecasting, and AI powered forecast suggestions guarantee that your plan will be complete and correct.

Your finished forecast will include everything a lender or investor would expect to see including: a sales forecast, expense budget, profit & loss statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, and more!

Scenario planning

Make smarter decisions by answering any “what-if” question

Play with your numbers as you start or expand your business. Use forecast scenarios to see how decisions will impact your bottom line. Answer essential questions like:

  • What if the bank takes an extra 3 months to finance?
  • Should I source new vendors to cut costs?
  • What if I discontinue my least profitable product?
  • How much should I invest in this new marketing channel?
  • When is the best time to purchase new equipment?
Cash analysis

Stay cash healthy & be ready for anything

Find and fix cash flow challenges early so you’ll always have enough money to cover your bills. With Live Forecast you can see how future forecast months will impact your actual current and future cash balance.

If you see any major differences, easily dig into your cash flow in the dashboard to see where things went right or wrong. Monitoring your cash flow in real time will ensure you’re in a healthy cash position today, tomorrow, and into the future.

Forecast vs actuals

Set realistic budgets and meet your financial goals

Connect QuickBooks or Xero and use the LivePlan Dashboard to compare your forecast to your actual performance in real-time.

Get a better sense of where you can expand or when you need to re-evaluate your budget and identify any potential pitfalls or opportunities for growth with an at-a-glance view of your plan vs actuals.

Growth planning

Manage your growth with a data-driven process

Markets change faster than ever and technology evolves at breakneck speed. Be ready to adapt quickly, stay focused, and make decisions that are best for your business with growth planning.

LivePlan will teach you this simple, repeatable, four-step process to help keep your business healthy — no matter what stage you’re at.

More than business plan software

LivePlan isn’t just a tool to easily create a business pitch, plan, and financials — it’s a comprehensive business planning system to help you plan, fund, and grow.

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Plenty of support to help you succeed

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Inspiration powered by AI

Use the LivePlan Assistant to instantly generate ideas at each step of your plan. You can also access 550+ sample plans to find one that matches your industry.

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Guidance from business experts

Stay on track with video walk–throughs, webinars, and more from business planning experts with over 40+ years of combined experience.

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If you ever get stuck, our team will help

If you ever have a question, instantly chat with a LivePlan expert. If you’re pressed for time or need additional guidance, access additional services from within LivePlan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can create up to 10 forecast scenarios in LivePlan.

Yes, when you add data in LivePlan, all the charts and graphs a lender or investor would expect to see are automatically created.

Sync LivePlan to QuickBooks Online or Xero and import your data using the Forecast Builder to quickly create a starting forecast. If you don’t use one of these accounting solutions, LivePlan will guide you through building your forecast manually with step-by-step guidance and examples. Additionally, the AI-Powered LivePlan Assistant will suggest forecast categories you can easily add to your forecast. If you need more support, you can access LivePlan services from within the app, including the financial forecasting service here.

Yes, when you create your forecast in LivePlan the numbers you enter will build these statements automatically. You will end up with a complete income statement, cash flow projections, balance sheet and profit and loss statement.

A LivePlan Forecast provides the three standard (or "pro forma") financial statements that accountants and investors generally expect to see. You can create pro forma financial statements easily by connecting LivePlan to QuickBooks Online or Xero. The software will use your actual accounting data to create your starting forecast, which will be used to automatically generate these pro forma statements. You can also enter data manually instead if you don’t use one of these accounting tools.

Yes, you can easily download your forecast as a PDF or print your forecast. With LivePlan Premium, you can also export your forecast as a .csv file and then import it into Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.