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Plan vs Actuals

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Quickly identify any potential pitfalls or opportunities for growth with an at-a-glance view of your plan versus actuals.

Get a better sense of when you should expand or when you should be reining things in.

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Real-Time insights

Make smart moves with timely & accurate data

LivePlan instantly updates your forecasted cash and profit totals by syncing with your QuickBooks or Xero data in real-time.

It also updates key financial metrics compared to industry benchmarks, as well as all charts and graphs. That way, you can be confident your decisions are based on the latest performance data.

Visual reports and presentations

Get Your Team Aligned

Know your numbers and focus on the metrics that matter with insightful charts and graphs.

A simple, user-friendly dashboard helps you build a strategic roadmap for your business and makes it easier to share performance data with stakeholders or investors.


Connect with QuickBooks & Xero

Turn your accounting data into real-time business insights with 20+ trend reports and automatically created charts and graphs.

No more fussing with complicated spreadsheets or financial apps, dig into your business performance so you can make smart business decisions.

More than business plan software

LivePlan isn’t just a tool to easily create a business pitch, plan, and financials — it’s a comprehensive business planning system to help you plan, fund, and grow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A performance dashboard is a tool used to gauge your businesses performance and enable you, your CFO, or your board to measure, monitor, and make strategic decisions around how to manage your business to achieve business goals. The LivePlan Dashboard turns all of this into an easy-to-use graphical display that combines two important sources of data:

  • Your financial forecast data (your plan)
  • Your company’s actual accounting data (your actual results)

There are over 40+ metrics to view in the LivePlan Dashboard, including definitions and what to look for in each metric. Top metrics are:

  • Revenue
  • Expenses & Cost
  • Revenue Breakdown
  • Expense & Cost Breakdown
  • Net Profit
  • Operating Income (or EBITDA)

To view a full list of metrics available in the dashboard, click here.

LivePlan will build your dashboard automatically as part of the LivePlan Premium package. In order to see data in the dashboard though, you’ll need to either connect your QuickBooks Online or Xero accounts or enter your actuals manually.

Yes, you can download & print a PDF version of the dashboard. If you’d like to share it with a colleague you can also send them a guest invitation to LivePlan so they can view the dashboard directly in LivePlan.