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We built LivePlan to make business planning faster, easier, and more enjoyable for everyone. 

But we know that business planning can still be challenging. 

  • You have a great idea, but you’re staring at a blank page and wondering how to put your idea into words
  • You’re writing a plan for a lender and you’re worried your plan doesn’t sound professional or contains errors
  • You know a few details about your target market but need to make it more specific
  • You’re ready to start your forecast but wondering what revenue and expenses to add

That’s why we created our AI business plan generator: LivePlan Assistant.

Meet LivePlan Assistant

Combining the speed, flexibility, and sophistication of various AI models with over 40+ years of extensive business planning expertise, the AI business plan generator’s features within LivePlan Assistant address many of the challenges our customers share around what makes business planning difficult, and ensures your plan is the best that it can be.

Explore LivePlan Assistant’s powerful features below.

Help Me Write

Welcome to a world without writer’s block

What if you could list as much (or as little) detail about your business and automatically create each section of your plan? 

With Help Me Write—you can.

Jot down a few details, ideas, or thoughts, click “Help Me Write”, and see LivePlan Assistant generate ideas for each section of your plan. Don’t have any ideas? No problem. LivePlan Assistant will create ideas for you. 

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Instantly improve your writing

You need a convincing plan that’s sure to impress lenders or investors, but you’re not a professional writer and you want to be sure the plan you are sharing is the best it can be.

LivePlan Assistant’s Rewrite automatically improves your writing:

  • Quickly add details or condense a topic
  • Adjust the tone of your plan to cater to specific audiences like investors, lenders, or teachers
  • Check for grammar and spelling errors
  • Adjusts writing to sound more engaging and compelling

Learn More About Rewrite → 

Suggested Revenue Streams

Forecasting, now faster than ever

If you’re just starting your business - it might not be easy to imagine all the places your revenue might come from. And if you’re growing your business, maybe you’re looking for ideas on new ways to drive revenue.

LivePlan Assistant’s Suggested Revenue Streams allows you to start your first forecast, or identify potential new revenue opportunities - fast. Enter a few words about your business and get suggestions for revenue streams that are specific to your business.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever we choose to pursue new features or make updates to LivePlan, it’s with the goal of making business success available to everyone. And as we began to experiment with the capabilities of generative AI to run our own business we realized that it could be a game changer for small business owners. Now, that doesn’t mean we’re trying to invent a plan-writing “easy button”. We believe that part of becoming a successful business owner is understanding the planning process so that you can review, iterate, and grow. An automatic plan writer doesn’t help you do that.

Yes, there will be new AI features that expand on the capabilities of the LivePlan Assistant. Be sure to opt-into these Betas as they are released so you can test the features yourself. You’ll be prompted on login, or you can opt-in in your Account Settings. We truly believe that incorporating AI within LivePlan will improve the product and help users, like you, succeed in growing your business. While we can’t get into specifics about upcoming features, just know that what we are working on will further strengthen your ability to write a useful business plan, build an actionable financial forecast, and analyze your business’s actual results.

The LivePlan Assistant is live for every Standard and Premium user right now. If you have trouble finding these features, ensure you’re opted into the necessary Beta programs in your LivePlan Account Settings. If you have any questions about the AI Assistant or other LivePlan features, reach out to our Customer Advocacy Team for assistance

This and other future AI tools will be on by default, but you can easily turn them off.  We do understand that you may have concerns about the potential risks and consequences of using AI. You may be worried about the broader impact on society, or just value creating your plan from scratch.  To address these concerns, we are committed to making our AI features entirely optional. We believe in the freedom to choose how you use our product and want to make it easy to opt in or opt out of LivePlan Assistant and any future AI tools.  To opt out, head on over to your account settings.

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