Introducing Drag-and-drop Budgeting and Forecasting

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Creating budgets and forecasts by typing numbers into a spreadsheet can be a pain. It’s hard to visualize what your forecast looks like and entering data by hand can be time-consuming. It’s much easier to create a forecast if you can see your data in chart form as you enter it.

That’s why, today, we’re launching a new “interactive entry” feature that lets you drag-and-drop your way to faster and easier forecasting. Instead of just telling you about it, let me show you how it works:


Of course, you can still type your numbers in, or use our handy “fill right” feature to enter your data. The new interactive entry will be really helpful if your business has seasonality, like a busy time during the holidays and slower sales during the summer months. Now you can easily see that seasonality as you create your forecast.

We’ve also improved our table designs to make them easier to read and scan:


These new features should make forecasting and budgeting easier than ever.

Keep an eye out for more LivePlan improvements in the coming weeks!

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Noah Parsons
Noah Parsons
Noah is currently the COO at Palo Alto Software, makers of the online business plan app LivePlan.
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