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Our latest product update went live on Thursday evening. In addition to the usual bug fixes and minor improvements, this release added these notable features:

More good stuff on the Dashboard
The Dashboard tab makes it easy to track your progress and implement your business plan. How do your actual sales and expenses compare with your forecast? Comparing your plan to your actual results is a critical component of building a successful business. The Dashboard helps you track your success, stay on budget, and adjust your plan as you grow.

With the latest release, you can now track several more metrics on the Dashboard:

  • Direct costs of sales
  • Gross margin %

When your plan is set to full-financials mode, you get several more new metrics:

  • Money due in (that is, accounts receivable balance)
  • Money due out (accounts payable balance)

Email reminders for milestones
Are you using the recently added Schedule tab to create and track milestone events in your plan? Now when you create or edit milestones, you will see a new option to get an email reminder a few days in advance of the milestone’s due date.

Financial Highlights chart
The chart items in your plan have a new view available. The Financial Highlights chart shows three bars for each period: Sales, Expenses, and Net Profit (or Loss). In new plans, this chart will appear by default in the financial section of the executive summary.

More flexible collaboration
Easy collaboration is one of the real benefits of working with an online service instead of installed software. When working with a team of people, it can be nice to have control over what each user can do. You can now choose to give contributors additional abilities that used to be available only to the account owner — things like  the ability to create plans, invite other users, and use the Dashboard.

Affiliate program
If you happen to have a marketing site and would like to recommend LivePlan to others, you can now make a little money in the process. Learn more about our new affiliate program at

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