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Build a plan for your business to survive and thrive the “new normal,” in LivePlan

Build a plan for your business to survive and thrive the “new normal,” in LivePlan

What will the “new normal” look like for your business? Like many of us, you are likely in the process of evaluating and adjusting your business model in order to survive the COVID economy.

You’re taking stock of inventory, adjusting sales expectations, looking at payroll, and overall cash flow amongst other things. No matter what stage you are at, you have ideas in your head that you need to put down into a strategic plan for your business. And we’d like to help you do that.


This webinar will walk you through how to use the LivePlan Pitch and Forecast features together to evaluate, iterate, and potentially pivot your business model to strategically adapt to the new normal. We will cover all elements of the LivePlan Pitch, including: 

  • The problem(s) you solve for your target customers. Have they changed?
  • The solutions your business provides for customers. How have you adapted to meet your customers’ changing needs?
  • How to evaluate changes to your target market and competitive landscape.
  • How to think through changes to your sales channels and marketing activities.
  • How to start your forecast in the Pitch and transition your strategic work into your full financial Forecast in LivePlan.

By the end of the webinar, you’ll have all of the tools you need to put together a strategic plan and forecast. Your business won’t just survive under this new normal, it’ll thrive as you turn uncertainty into certainty.

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LivePlan Team
LivePlan Team
Here at Palo Alto Software, our goal is to help small businesses succeed. We believe that small businesses are the engine of our economy and that if we can help more companies survive and thrive, we will all be better off. After all, we're a small business ourselves and we understand what it takes to start from zero, with no outside investment, and build a company from 1 to 70 employees. We understand that challenge, and we also know what it takes to be successful. We are committed to providing that knowledge, experience, and expertise to as many other small businesses as possible.
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