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Our latest product update went live on Thursday. Despite a lighter schedule over the holidays, the development team worked really hard to integrate LivePlan with Xero accounting software. They also made a couple of other handy additions to the Dashboard and updated parts of our infrastructure to improve speed. We’re pretty excited about the results, and we hope you are, too!

Connect your Xero account to the LivePlan Dashboard

If Xero is your preferred accounting solution, you can now import your actual numbers directly from Xero into the LivePlan Dashboard. This integration will allow you track how your business is doing, in real time, and compare your progress against your forecast. We hope this makes life easier for our customers who use Xero for their daily business accounting.

Get a cumulative view of the fiscal year to date

We’ve added a feature to the Dashboard’s fiscal year-to-date chart that lets you view gradually increasing totals for actual, planned, and last year’s values. Just use the list box at the top of the chart to select the Cumulative option.

View multiple-month totals as a bar chart

On any of the Dashboard trends views, you can choose to see totals for the current period, plan, and previous periods in bar chart format (when you have a multiple-month period selected). The buttons at the top of the chart make it easy to toggle between this Totals view and the standard trend line view that shows monthly numbers.

A faster experience

The development team also made some changes under the hood to improve the overall speed of LivePlan. We’re seeing good results so far, and hopefully you’ll notice the improvements as well.

Share your feedback

As always, we would love to hear what you think of the latest changes—and where you’d like to see us go next. An easy way to share your thoughts is to just click the Contact Us button at the top of the app, and drop us a quick note @liveplan.

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JoAnne Catlin
JoAnne Catlin
JoAnne Catlin is a senior user experience (UX) researcher and UX writer in Eugene, Oregon.
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