LivePlan’s Focus Shifts From Plans to Your Company

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This month’s product update introduces an important shift that has been a long time in coming. To better support the “live planning” process, we have changed the fundamental focus of the app from your plan to your company.

Great planning is about more than just a plan

Creating a great business plan is an important part of our live-planning approach. The planning process should not end when your initial plan is complete, though. That’s why we have been working hard over the past year to add more planning and management features to the mix.

An integrated planning solution for your company

Ultimately, your written plan should be one of many tools in your planning toolbox. Just as you can use LivePlan to create a powerful plan for your company, you can also use it to craft a compelling pitch, to identify and track key milestones, to compare your actual performance to your forecasts, and always to revise your planning as needed to keep it up to date and relevant.

All those facets of live planning—the features represented by the Pitch, Plan, Financials, Schedule, and Dashboard tabs in the app — are aspects of your company, not just your business plan.

Creating and managing companies

When you substitute “companies” for “plans,” the process of using LivePlan is mostly the same as before. You can create a company, set its business stage and start date, and invite other users to collaborate or comment on it. Within that company, you have the same ability to hone your pitch, describe your strategy, prepare financial forecasts, and the rest.

Share your feedback

As always, we would love to hear what you think of the latest changes—and where you’d like to see us go next. An easy way to share your thoughts is to just click the Contact Us button at the top of the app and drop us a quick note.

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Josh Cochrane
Josh Cochrane
Josh Cochrane is Vice President of Product Development at Palo Alto Software, where he manages development of the business planning tool LivePlan. He writes for this site and elsewhere on product design, small business and entrepreneurship, and related topics.
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