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“We need to leverage tools...to see things coming before they happen and that gives us the power to adapt quickly.”

The team at Syrup Marketing has a proven framework to help B2B businesses grow. By focusing on their brand strategy, marketing efforts, overall visual identity, and web design—they assist businesses in truly connecting with their customers at every stage. For them, it's about connecting, cultivating, delighting, and championing the clients that they work with.

Having a viable framework that works meant that Syrup Marketing was poised for growth. But how could they be sure that they were making the best strategic decisions for the agency to thrive. Which would, in turn, help their clients thrive.

Intelligent decisions and measuring success

Luckily, the President of Syrup, Jason Ogden, already had a good idea of what to look for. “So I needed two things—the ability to make really granular and intelligent forecasts. As well as something that could actually track relative to those forecasts.” This functionality would help Jason and his team know if they were on track or if they'd fallen off and needed to adapt.

“That's when I found LivePlan.” With LivePlan's forecasting features and accounting-connected solution, Jason was able to quickly and easily set budgets, goals, and begin looking toward the future. He could explore different scenarios, identify areas to improve, and conduct robust performance reviews through the LivePlan Dashboard.

Become your own financial expert

For small business owners and managers, actively managing your finances can be a hassle. Outsourcing or hiring a full team of accountants can also be incredibly cost-prohibitive. “We don't have a dedicated financial staff to check the pulse on these things on a daily basis, says Jason.” With LivePlan's step-by-step planning processes and easy to navigate financial tools, Jason and his team are able to take on the work themselves with confidence.

“We need to leverage technology and tools so that we have the ability to see things coming before they happen and that gives us the power to adapt quickly.” By actively managing their plan and finances, Jason is able to keep everyone informed on where Syrup is headed and the specific decisions they're making to get there.

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