Free One-Page Business Plan Template Download

Download our free one-page business plan template.

Writing a business plan doesn’t have to be complicated. That’s why we created this template for a one-page business plan—a business plan that you can write on a single page.

Building a one-page business plan has a lot of benefits:

How to complete the one-page  business plan template

You’ll start with your business strategy – this is what you’re going to do and what your goals are. You’ll document the following:

Next, you’ll go on to describe your business tactics. While strategy describes “what” you’re going to do, tactics describe “how” you’re going to do it.

Your business model is how your business will make money. The first time you work on a business plan, you can just describe how you make money and what your key expenses are. Eventually, you’ll want to develop a complete financial plan.

Finally, you’ll want to develop a list of your key achievements.

This is just a quick summary of how to build your one-page business plan. You can get additional detail in our guide to growth planning.

Download a free digital version of the one-page business plan template:


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