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Cash Flow Forecasting Software

Keep your business healthy with accurate cash flow forecasting

Watch a short video about cashflow forecasting in LivePlan

Manage cash flow without complex spreadsheets

LivePlan pulls in your accounting data to instantly create a starting point for your forecast.

Step-by-step guidance makes it easy

No calculations. No complicated formulas. Just follow a series of bite-sized steps for creating your initial financial forecast.

Syncs with Xero & QuickBooks

Better understand where your business is headed

Forecasting is about more than cash. LivePlan helps you think about all your key business metrics.

Forecast both cash & profit

By forecasting both your cash flow and your profit, you'll get a complete picture of your finances. That way, you can make the best business decisions.

Uncover opportunities to pivot

Spot opportunities to adjust your business model, so you can keep your business financially healthy.

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Scenario forecast screenshot

Be ready for anything with multiple scenarios

Build multiple forecasts to understand your best case and worst case scenarios. That way, you can plan for every situation.

Answer questions like:

  • Will my business have enough cash?
  • What type of loan should I apply for?
  • Where should I reduce expenses?

Compare performance to similar industries

Compare your forecasts to benchmark data from businesses like yours. This helps you figure out if what you're projecting is realistic or whether you need to re-think things a little more.


  • Profit metrics
  • Cash metrics
  • Productivity metrics
  • Spending metrics and more
Industry benchmark report screenshot
Business dashboard screenshot

Track your performance with a visual dashboard

Easily track your actual revenue, costs, and other metrics against your forecast. Then, use these insights to improve your business plan, strategy, and overall direction of your company.

If your business has six months of actual revenue, you can use LivePlan's automated forecasting feature to create a starting forecast.

Apply for bank or SBA loans with confidence

Your forecast will cover everything a lender or investor expects to see.

Create a business plan to secure funding

If you're applying for a SBA loan, bank loan, or preparing for an investment, you'll have all the financial statements you need at your fingertips.

Share your plan & forecast as a Word doc or printable PDF

Sba approved reporting format

Trusted by over 1 million small businesses and entrepreneurs like Dave

“Since the unknowns of Covid-19 have gripped the World, the ability to create multiple forecast scenarios relatively quickly is really helpful to have some idea of the direction my company is potentially heading. Integration with QuickBooks behind the scenes is one of the best features. Great software, not sure I will be able to do without now.”

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Dave K Owen
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