Cash Flow Forecasting

Never worry about bouncing a check

Know how much cash you’ll have next week and next year with a simplified cash flow management tool.

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Cash flow forecast

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Managing cash flow in spreadsheets can be frustrating

  • Warning icon Manually updating spreadsheets wastes time
  • Warning icon Finding the data you need is tough when it’s kept in multiple places
  • Warning icon Keeping your finances organized is a chore

LivePlan simplifies cash flow management with automatic updates & visual reporting

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Sync your accounting data to minimize manual work

LivePlan pulls in your accounting data to instantly create a starting point for your forecast. Then it updates your actuals for each month so you can compare them to what you projected.

Syncs with Xero & QuickBooks

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Visual reporting helps you understand the data

LivePlan’s easy-to-understand charts and graphs help you think about all your key business metrics.

  • Forecast both cash flow and profit to get a complete picture of your finances.
  • See actuals versus forecast side-by-side.
  • Spot opportunities to adjust your business model so you can stay cash healthy.
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Be ready for anything with multiple scenarios

Build multiple forecasts to understand your best case and worst case scenarios. That way, you can plan for every situation.

Answer questions like:

  • Will my business have enough cash?
  • What type of loan should I apply for?
  • Where should I reduce expenses?
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Compare your metrics to similar industries

Compare your forecasts to benchmark data from businesses like yours. This helps you figure out if what you're projecting is realistic or whether you need to re-think things a little more.


  • Profit metrics
  • Cash metrics
  • Productivity metrics
  • Spending metrics and more
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Apply for bank or SBA loans with confidence

Your forecast will cover everything a lender or investor expects to see.

Create a business plan to secure funding

If you’re applying for a SBA loan, bank loan, or preparing for an investment, you’ll have all the financial statements you need at your fingertips.

Share your plan & forecast as a Word doc or printable PDF

Plenty of support to help you succeed

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Inspiration powered by AI

Get suggestions for revenue streams, expense types, and other forecast categories that are specific to your business.

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Guidance from business experts

Stay on track with video walk-throughs, webinars, and more from business planning experts.

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If you ever get stuck, our team will help

If you ever have a question, you can instantly chat with a LivePlan expert.

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