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You'll receive step-by-step instructions as soon as you login. Your business planning process is made easy with prompts, definitions of key terms, and video and text tutorials built right into LivePlan.

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Enter your monthly sales and costs and we'll calculate all of your financial data for you. Whether you're selling products, projects, or have recurring revenue, LivePlan will help you create a forecast for your business.

World-Class Help

The LivePlan Help Center includes comprehensive articles to answer your questions, whether you're a beginner or seasoned entrepreneur. Our Customer Advocacy Team also provides excellent service, and has a customer satisfaction rating of over 99%. You can chat with them directly in LivePlan, call them on the phone, or email them during off hours.

550+ Samples and Templates

As you craft your business plan, you'll be presented with examples for every section you need to write. If you want to see completed business plans, we have over 550 plans you can use as a starting point for your own.

You'll Know Everything Tim Knows

Tim Berry is our Founder and a renowned business planning expert and he takes business planning seriously. As you work on your plan, Tim gives you video walk-throughs to keep you on track. You also get a free copy of his best-selling book The Plan-As-You-Go Business Plan with your LivePlan subscription.

Need More Help? We Know People

Need more hands-on help with your business plan? No problem! LivePlan works with experienced business planning consultants who work directly with you. See how you can get hands-on help with your plan.

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Lisa W
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“The creation of a business plan can be an intimidating task and LivePlan breaks it down into manageable chunks and provides helpful examples and advice throughout”

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