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Looking at real business plan examples can help you visualize what a successful plan looks like. With LivePlan you’ll have access to over 550 free example business plans to use as a starting point.

Browse real sample plans covering a broad range of businesses to see how others have written effective executive summaries, planned marketing activities, created financial forecasts, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A sample business plan is an example/template document that outlines the key sections and elements that are typically included in a plan used to start and/or operate a business venture. It provides a structured format and sample content that you can use as a guide when writing your own specific business plan tailored to your company’s details.

A good sample business plan will contain the core components found in most business plans, including:

  1. Executive summary
  2. Company overview
  3. Market analysis
  4. Product/Service description
  5. Operations plan
  6. Management team
  7. Marketing & sales strategy
  8. Financial projections & requirements

The sample gives descriptions, instructions, and illustration text to explain what information should be covered in each of the sections. However, the actual data and specifics will need to be customized for your particular business.

The purpose of a sample plan is to provide an organizational framework and example formatting that can guide you in developing a professional, comprehensive plan to define their business model and convey it to potential investors or lenders. It essentially serves as a template and starting point you can adapt according to your own business goals, market, financials, and plans.

Here are some of the main ways you can utilize a sample business plan:

  1. Get a visual template. A sample plan allows you to see the typical structure and order of sections in a professional business plan. This gives you a visual template to follow for organizing your own information.
  2. Understand what to include. By seeing an example, you can better understand what kind of information, analysis, and level of detail is expected in each section. The samples will prompt you on the key elements to cover.
  3. Learn proper formatting. Sample plans demonstrate the formatting conventions like using headings, subheadings, charts, and visual layouts. You can mimic the professional presentation.
  4. Use it as a starting framework. Rather than starting from a blank page, you can use the sample as an initial framework and template.
  5. Get ideas from the examples. The descriptions and sample text in each section can spark ideas and remind you of important points to include in your own plan.
  6. Follow the flow and order. A good sample will put the sections in a logical order that guides the reader through the plan. You can maintain this clear flow when writing yours.
  7. Study them as a learning tool. For first-time entrepreneurs, reviewing several sample plans can be an excellent way to learn what investors and lenders expect to see in a high-quality business plan.

The key is using samples as a guide and framework, while customizing with your company’s unique strategies, market research, projections and other plan details.

Download a free example business plan. Use it as a template for your own business plan and to see an example of what you’ll find in LivePlan.