Financial Management

Profit and cash flow forecasts at your fingertips

Get a full financial picture of your business with simple financial management tools.

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Feel confident about your cash flow

Build detailed budgets and forecasts without spreadsheets

Live updates to your profit and cash balances

LivePlan syncs with QuickBooks and Xero, pulling in your accounting data to see your actual performance alongside your forecast. All you have to do is adjust your projections using the built-in tools. It's the easiest and most visual way to set goals and accurately track your progress.

Test ideas without doing the math

See how new hires or expansion costs will affect your profit and cash flow by creating multiple forecasts. LivePlan guides you through the entire process and handles all the calculations for you.

Instant visuals that need no explanation

Use benchmarks to check your numbers

Compare your forecasts to benchmark data from businesses like yours. This helps you figure out if what you're projecting is realistic or whether you need to re-think things a little more.

Track your growth & make informed decisions

Easily monitor spending, revenue, and other metrics in real-time

Your most important metrics all in one spot

LivePlan makes it easier to analyze your business financials by putting actual results from your QuickBooks or Xero accounting data in a single, simple dashboard. Full financial statements are available there, plus individual metrics, including:

  • Revenue breakdown
  • Expenses & costs
  • Operating & net profit margins
  • Cash on hand & net cash flow
  • And more

Track your goals & refine your strategy

Easily track your actual revenue, costs, and other metrics against your forecast. Then, use these insights to improve your business plan, strategy, and overall direction of your company.

Track your goals & refine your strategy

Get a quick overview or drill deeper into the data

Glance at the LivePlan Dashboard to monitor revenue, expenses, or other data in real-time. Spot something fishy? Dive into specific metrics for more details and then use those insights to adjust your spending or to tweak sales targets.

Get a quick overview or drill deeper into the data

Keep everyone up to speed on the numbers

Create and share beautiful reports that are easy to understand

Instant visuals that need no explanation

Help everyone on your team understand the story behind the numbers. Charts and graphs detail spending, revenue, projections and whether your business is on track to meet its financial goals.

Instant visuals that need no explanation

Gorgeous reports, perfect for presentations

Don't waste time trying to get your spreadsheets or slides to look just right. With LivePlan, you can print out your Dashboard report or download it as a PDF. Just customize the metrics you want to be included, write up a quick summary, and send it out.

Gorgeous reports, perfect for presentations

Invite team members & control who sees what

Add users to LivePlan so they can check out the Dashboard, forecast, or business plan whenever they like. You get complete control over what they can see.