Growth Planning

Plan a little,
grow a lot

Don't tie your business to a rigid 40-page plan.

Instead, adopt a ‘Growth Planning’ mindset that helps you:

  • Quickly adapt to change and be ready for anything
  • Stay focused on your goals
  • Make decisions that drive revenue
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Growth Planning

Traditional business plans weren't designed for today's economy

Markets change faster than ever. Technology evolves at breakneck speed. And the pandemic has forever transformed the way we think about ‘work’.

A rigid 40+ page business plan can't keep up.

They take too long to write

It can take days — or even weeks — to write a formal business plan. That's on top of all the research required.

They're outdated almost instantly

You can't update traditional business plans quickly as markets change and your business evolves.

They're too difficult to put into action

It's tough to implement a business strategy when the most important details are buried within a massive document.

Applying for funding?

Some lenders, such as banks and government agencies will require a traditional full-length business plan. Learn More

The process is now more important than the plan

Growth planning is a quicker, more flexible way to figure out what works for your business — no matter what stage you’re at.

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Idea Stage Businesses

Grow your idea into a great business

  • Plan IconPlan: outline your idea
  • Forecast IconForecast: talk to ideal customers
  • Review IconReview: examine your feedback
  • Refine IconRefine: ensure your idea works
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Increase your odds of success

  • Plan IconPlan: clarify your vision
  • Forecast IconForecast: set your goals
  • Review IconReview: stay on track
  • Refine IconRefine: achieve success faster
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Established Businesses

Confidently grow your business

  • Plan IconPlan: examine your goals
  • Forecast IconForecast: build a roadmap
  • Review IconReview: spot opportunities
  • Refine IconRefine: grow your business
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Research shows that the principles of Growth Planning drive success


Faster Growth

Businesses that continually track against their plan grow 30% faster than those that don't, according to a study in the Journal of Management Studies.


Higher Achievement

Documenting and reviewing your goals makes you 40% more likely to achieve them, according to a study by the Dominican University of California.


Stronger Start

Entrepreneurs with a plan are 129% more likely to push forward with their business beyond the initial startup phase and grow it, according to a study in the journal Small Business Economics.