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How LivePlan helps you build a successful startup

How LivePlan helps you make better business decisions

1: Plan

Create a plan to lay the foundation for your business

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Clarify your ideas in 30 minutes

This is the quickest way to get started. Think through every aspect of your business by following a fill-in-the-blank template. If you don't need a full-sized business plan to secure funding, this one-pager might be all you need.

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Write your plan with 500+ examples

Don't worry, we'll guide you through it. Step-by-step instructions help you write a fundable business plan quickly by breaking the job into manageable chunks. You'll also have access to hundreds of sample business plans if you get stuck.

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Plug in numbers, we'll do the math

This part is easier than you think. Just enter the sales you expect to make and what expenses you anticipate. Then LivePlan uses built-in formulas to create your financial statements automatically.

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Print, download or share with a link

Customize your business plan with 10 professionally designed themes and then download it as a printable PDF file or a Word doc. You can also share your business plan online with a special link.

1: Plan

Analyze your business model in under 30 minutes

Think through your goals, target market, competitors and more by creating a one-page business plan.
Need a full business plan to secure funding?
LivePlan will guide you through the entire process.
See how it works

2: Forecast

Draft your blueprint for success

Your financial forecast helps you budget, set goals and figure out when your startup will be profitable.
Forecast your business
Not sure what to put in your forecast?

LivePlan's industry benchmark data will help. Enter your industry and location to get key performance metrics for companies similar to yours. This helps you estimate everything from net profit to expenses like rent, marketing and payroll.

Learn more about Industry Benchmarks

2: Forecast

Build a forecast to see where your business is headed

So long spreadsheets. LivePlan helps you build cash forecasts faster with built-in formulas and detailed instructions.
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Get started quickly by pulling in accounting data

Sync your accounting software with LivePlan to instantly get a starting point for your financial forecast.

Review Profits and Cash

Spot patterns to better understand your business

Select a time period to review and look for spikes or dips in your revenue and expenses. LivePlan will also highlight positive and negative trends to make analysis easier.

Use Scenarios

See how new purchases or hires will affect cash flow

Wondering if you should hire a new employee? Or invest in new equipment? Build multiple forecast scenarios to model how new expenditures will impact your business.

Compare Metrics

Compare your metrics to similar businesses

Understand how your business stacks up to companies in similar industries with LivePlan's built-in Benchmark Data. Use these insights to refine your forecast.

3: Evaluate

Better understand your business by reviewing your data

Once a month, check if what you forecast matches what actually happened.
Evaluate your business

Make the most of your funding

Understand how long your funding will last by monitoring your projected cash flow and expenses.

Validate your business model

Collect early feedback from your customers and then adjust your plan or forecast accordingly.

Look for any gaps in your forecasts

Watch for expenses or revenue streams that didn't match up with your forecasts. These ‘variances’ could hint at opportunities for improvement.

Ensure you have enough cash

Did you collect money as planned? What does your future cash flow look like? LivePlan helps you answer these questions, so you can keep your business healthy.

3: Evaluate

Uncover new opportunities by tracking your performance

Schedule a review every month to compare your actuals to your financial forecast.
Profit and Loss

Profit & Loss

Look at how your top-line revenue and expenses did versus your forecast. Then drill into the numbers to get more details.

Cash Flow

Cash Flow

Review your cash position to see if you've collected money as planned. This helps you spot ways to operate more efficiently.



Compare your results to similar-sized businesses in the same industry. Then use that information to adjust your strategy as needed.

Businesses that continually track against their plan grow 30% faster than those that don't.

4: Refine

Use your insights to build a stronger company

Take what you learned during your monthly review and use it to improve your strategy and accelerate your growth.

4: Refine

Use your insights to make decisions that drive growth

Update your business strategy based on what you learned during your monthly review.
Refine your business
Refine your business
Then test scenarios to always be prepared

Understand your best-case and worst-case scenarios by creating multiple cash flow forecasts for your business. Answer questions like:

  • What happens if I raise my prices?
  • When will I run out of cash?
  • Where should I cut expenses?
Learn more about cash forecasting scenarios

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