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You've put in the hard work, now let us give you the peace of mind knowing that your plan is sufficiently researched and supported with key data. Our experts can add market-leading data about your industry and market before you share your plan with partners and investors!

Industry research & market data added directly to your LivePlan account

What you can expect working with our Team:


LivePlan has helped over 1 million entrepreneurs plan and forecast their business — from startup and funding to growth and exits. We know the best practices to maximize your chances of securing a loan or investment.

Industry-Specific Information

Our experts work with businesses in every vertical, so our data is available for business models and markets in the U.S.

Constructive & Useful Data

Your new Industry and Market Research Data is a significant resource for you to reference long into the future, or to provide a strong foundation for your business plan’s assertions.

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What you'll get with your Industry & Market Research:

  • You'll receive an introductory email to confirm the best-fit industry, matched to your planning needs.
  • The LivePlan team will add a complete set of industry and market research data directly into your existing LivePlan account (no changes will be made to text you have written).
  • The text and charts added to your LivePlan account will include world-class data covering Industry Performance, Industry Outlook, Products & Markets, Competitive Landscape, Major Companies, Operating Conditions, and Key Statistics.
  • You'll get a boost of confidence knowing that your plan is the best it can be, and supported by the best data available.
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