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Lisa Raiche

Lisa Raiche

Small Business Advisor, Bodhi Business Advisors Inc

“We use LivePlan to help you understand the quickest, most direct path to your goals. We’ll put the numbers on your plan, benchmark where you are, and set monthly and quarterly goals. This clarity makes achieving your future business state a scientific formula versus a costly guessing game.”

Dropping the hammer on cash flow problems for contractors through hands-off accounting services, so you can build things that matter!

We work best with open-minded business owners who are committed to the long game. We’re the most unconventional CPA firm you’ve ever met – by design. That design is what helps you become more profitable than ever before.

We work side by side with you, rolling up our sleeves to make your business less challenging, more efficient, and easier to run. Want to see us only at tax time?

Now that’s where we draw the line. We’re in this with you, keeping an eye on the strategic plan you need to ensure that your short-term goals are aligned with your vision for your future business state.

With us on your side, you’ll gain the powerful insight needed to determine…

-Whether you need to cut costs or you need to develop a revenue plan. The answer might surprise you!

-Which of your business activities are maximizing your profits and giving you the best ROI

-If your processes are crippling your profits and what processes will help you optimize to increase your business

-If you’re on track to meet your three-, five-, and 10-year goals.

If the mere thought of not being able to work gives you anxiety, it’s a sign of a bigger issue. You can reach a new level of success if you get out of your own way and start working on your business instead of in it. We’ll help you get there.

Industry Focus

  • Construction / Contractors
  • Home Services and Repair
  • Professional Services
  • Real Estate / Rental / Leasing
  • Technical / Scientific Services


  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial Forecasting and Performance Review
  • Managerial Accounting or CFO
  • Tax Preparation and/or Succession Planning

Business Stage

  • 0-1 years
  • 2+ years
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