How To Choose Your First 5 LivePlan Clients

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As a LivePlan Expert Advisor we want to help you offer or enhance your proactive advising services for your clients. We recommend you roll-out LivePlan to a few clients first, before committing to using it firm-wide. That makes good business sense, and will help you iron out how and what to offer alongside LivePlan. We thought we would get you started on the right foot with some tips for helping you identify the first 5 LivePlan-ready clients.

4 scenarios for identifying clients who can experience immediate benefit from using LivePlan with their accountant:

  1. Clients using QBO and/or Xero: These clients already understand the value of cloud accounting and the value of “accessing your data from anywhere.” Their set-up is extremely easy with LivePlan, and you will quickly have a client using LivePlan to get access to all the great information provided on the LivePlan Scoreboard. These clients are an easy win for you to test your proactive advising services.
  2. Clients with cash flow challenges: No one likes to see profitable businesses close their doors because they’ve run out of cash. Keep cash-flow sensitive clients out of their “danger zone” by encouraging regular use of LivePlan’s Scoreboard.
  3. Clients who want to grow quickly/expand: Help your clients set their own monthly, weekly even daily goals, and know whether they are on-track at any time. Any client seeking finance to start, grow or expand will benefit from all of LivePlan’s features, especially the finance-ready business plan.
  4. Non-profits who present financials to boards of directors on a regular basis: An excellent board-ready financial presentation can be produced by simply showing an up-to-date Scoreboard screen – most questions a board might ask will be right at your client’s fingertips!

These are only a few identifiers to get started. Remember, ALL businesses benefit from having a strategic plan. Access to important KPIs that clearly show where the business has been, where it is now and where it plans to go is critical for a business owner to make informed decisions. That is how you will help your clients grow their businesses 30% faster than those that do not plan. After reading this list, I’m sure you are already thinking of clients who would benefit from your proactive advising with LivePlan.


Caroline Cummings
Caroline Cummings
An entrepreneur. A disruptor. An advocate. Caroline has been the CEO and co-founder of two tech startups—one failed and one she sold. She is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs realize their full potential and learn how to step outside of their comfort zones to catalyze their growth. Caroline is currently executive director of Oregon RAIN. She provides strategic leadership for the organization’s personnel, development, stakeholder relations, and community partnerships. In her dual role as the venture catalyst manager, Cummings oversees the execution of RAIN’s Rural Venture Catalyst programs. She provides outreach and support to small and rural communities; she coaches and mentors regional entrepreneurs, builds strategic local partnerships, and leads educational workshops.
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