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The LivePlan Method for Strategic Advising

A step-by-step small business advising process.
Efficient. Scalable. Valuable.

1 Get started

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1 Get started

Produce a dashboard and starting forecast in under 90 seconds!

Get prepared quickly to show value to your clients. LivePlan automatically:

  • Syncs with your accounting software
  • Maps to the chart of accounts
  • Displays up to 3 years of data for analysis and reporting
  • Creates a starting forecast
Download: LivePlan Method Guide

2 Kickoff

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2 Kickoff

Connect with your client and show your value

The kickoff is your chance to:

  • Connect with your client
  • Understand their long-term goals
  • Show them the value of your advisory service

Our Kickoff Guide prepares you to get started with your client in the right way: make a connection, learn their business goals and show them the value of your service.

Download: Kickoff Guide

3 Plan meeting

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3 Plan meeting

Strategic Advising starts with planning

LivePlan's Pitch feature works seamlessly with the Plan Meeting Guide. It will take you step-by-step through this one-time Lean Planning Meeting.

You'll learn your client's business, and build a one-page Lean business summary that will provide immense value to your client. You'll also get the information you need to build the forecast.

Download: Plan Meeting Guide

4 Build the forecast

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4 Build the forecast

Financial forecasting is easy in LivePlan

Finish your client's forecast with information from the Plan Meeting. Create projections for revenue and expenses, and enter other business rules such as cash assumptions.

LivePlan's built-in benchmarks and forecasting wizards, plus 10 financial scenarios, make forecasting in LivePlan efficient and powerful.

5 Monthly strategic advising

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5 Monthly strategic advising

Advise with confidence. Show value monthly. Grow your relationship.

Conduct a monthly Strategic Advising meeting using LivePlan's Live Forecast, Dashboard reports and Benchmarks.

Our step-by-step Advisory Meeting Guide is your playbook to:

  • Analyze and prepare insights
  • Structure the review meeting
  • Guide conversation
  • Update the forecast and create an action plan

Bring the full value of strategic advising to your clients with LivePlan!

Download: Advisory Meeting Guide

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