Expert Advisor LivePlan Certified

LivePlan's Expert Advisor Program

Expert Advisor LivePlan Certified


  • Online training
  • Account set up


  • Certification
  • Directory listing

Do more with LivePlan and be connected with small business owners looking for advisory help, in four simple steps

  1. Complete online training
  2. Set up your demo account
  3. Become certified
  4. Work with 3+ clients and become listed in our online directory
See below for full details of program requirements.

Exclusive directory listing

Let our marketing team work for you! Small businesses need the help of a trusted advisor like yourself, and we'd like to help them find you.

If you are a certified LivePlan Expert Advisor and are actively working with three or more clients using LivePlan, you will qualify to be listed in our exclusive online directory!†

This beautiful online listing includes your headshot and a profile your business. It's hosted on our main LivePlan site for thousands of small business owners to see.

Continuing education

We want you to succeed, and we are here to help! Our monthly best practice webinar series, specifically designed for LivePlan Expert Advisors, offers education and information in a broad range of topics to support your whole business.

You will receive invitations and reminders about our monthly series, and we'll ask that you attend at least four of these annually to be sure you're up to speed with the latest information.

Welcome kit

If you reside in the U.S., we'll send you a welcome kit of goodies! Your Expert Advisor welcome kit includes sales and marketing brochures, as well as logo stickers and other swag (including the best app t-shirt in the business)! Get started in style with the Expert Advisor welcome kit.

Expert Advisor LivePlan Certified

Official certificate and badge

Proudly display your LivePlan Expert Advisor certification in your office, on your website, in your marketing materials, and anywhere you want to impress clients.

Complete these steps to become a Certified LivePlan Expert Advisor:

  1. The Expert Advisor training materials and exam are built into the LivePlan Method online training program. Gain access to our training portal to get started.
  2. Complete the certification exam found within the online training courses.
  3. Set up one LivePlan account with the following minimum requirements (if you still need to get a LivePlan account, click here):
    • Connect accounting software, or manually enter at least one month of accounting data
    • Basic customer information in the Pitch section
    • Opportunity information in the Pitch section
    • Full forecast, including: revenue, direct costs, expenses, and assets
    • Set options in Benchmark tab header
    • View and double check beginning balances in Forecast tab
    • One financing type or scenario in Forecast tab
    • Cash flow neutral forecast
    • Set up one schedule event in Milestone tab
  4. You'll receive an email from us confirming your certification after your exam is complete and the account has been set up. We track certifications weekly, so it may take up to five business days to hear back.

Requirements to maintain certification:

Complete the below items prior to your annual Expert Advisor Certification renewal date:

NOTE: To receive viewing credit, you must use the same email to register for webinars as is attached to your LivePlan account. Our system tracks automatically using your email address.

  1. Attend or view four best practice webinars per year.*
    Register for live webinars here, or view our best practice video library for recorded webinars. Either type counts toward your certification renewal. Our system automatically tracks your viewing and attends by your email address.
  2. Actively be working in at least two company licenses in your own LivePlan advisor account.**

*Year = one year from your individual date of certification or your last renewal date. Click here to view your renewal date.

**Active = using the client company licenses in your own advisor account on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Click here to check your Expert Advisor status.

†Requirements for Expert Advisor Directory listing:

Become certified and be advising at least three clients with LivePlan.***
Send an email to to request your listing.

***To remain listed in the directory, you must continue to advise at least three clients with LivePlan and have three client company licenses in your own LivePlan advisor account. We review listings quarterly.

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