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See how the LivePlan Method for Strategic Advisors streamlines the work of advising and allows the accountant to efficiently deliver their maximum value.

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The first step of the LivePlan Method is to kick off the work with your client by setting up the LivePlan company and syncing to your accounting software.


Don't worry if you're not sure what you want to name your business yet—you can change it at any time. LivePlan also works with any currency. All of these settings can be updated later.


The second step of the LivePlan Method is to work through the Pitch with your client. You should end this step with a thorough understanding of your client's business model.


The LivePlan Pitch is a one-page summary of your business that defines your strategy. It's a fast, simple, and more effective way to document your business idea. LivePlan lets you publish your pitch on the web and export to PowerPoint so you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or even with old-fashioned email.


The third step is to determine the key information for your financial forecast by using Benchmarking and an analysis of your client's historical information.


With Benchmarks, you can use real data from businesses across the country to see if your plan is realistic. Compare by region and size to get the most accurate data possible. Benchmark data powered by Sageworks ProfitCents.


The fourth step of the LivePlan Method is to build the financial forecast: P&L, cash flow, and balance sheet. Don't worry, LivePlan makes it easy.


No math or complex spreadsheets needed. Enter the sales you think you can make along with your anticipated expenses, and LivePlan automatically creates your financial statements.


The last step in the process is to use the Dashboard for trend analysis and KPI reporting.


This is where your advising services will be most abundant and where you will maximize your value add. Continue Dashboard reporting every month with your client to track against the plan and deliver advising services, ideally in the format of a monthly meeting.

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